Cleanroom products are something you have not heard of a lot in your life. These products are specifically designed to prevent pollution and contamination within highly sensitive cleanroom environments. Within a cleanroom, everything is spotless and to keep it that way, special cleanroom products are used to disinfect the area. It is important that cleanrooms stay out of reach for bacterial growth as these rooms are mostly used for sensitive reasons. 

Kingmax has come up with various cleanroom products that promise to provide a spotless cleaning experience. These products are specifically designed for cleanrooms but you can also use them to clean around the house. You will not have to pay a hefty amount to purchase them as most Kingmax products do not cost a lot of money. 

In this article, we will go through most of the cleanroom products that Kingmax has to offer. 

Kingmax HC6 Cleanroom Wipe. 

This cloth is designed specifically for cleanrooms as it is made from 100% continuous filament polyester. The clothes are usually pre-sterilized so you do not have to worry about any contagious contaminations and are equipped with high-performance microfiber bristles. You can use this cloth to clean sterile and aseptic cleanroom areas on various surfaces. The towel can be changed easily and it fits securely over most flat mop heads.

Kingmax HC3 Cleanroom Mop. 

The HC3 cleanroom mop is also made using 100% continuous filament polyester as it is also designed only for cleanrooms. This mop can be used to clean walls and ceilings within cleanrooms. The mop is equipped with ultra-low particle generation for preventing cleanroom contamination and it is also resistant to various microbial agents. 

Kingmax HC5 Cleanroom Mop. 

The HC5 cleanroom mop contains very low levels of releasable fibers and it is knitted using 100% continuous filament polyester. For aseptic environments, these mops are pre-sterilized. You can use disinfecting solutions on these mops to apply and clean surfaces. There is reinforced piping on the sides which guarantees a maximum level of abrasion resistance. 

Kingmax HC1 Cleanroom Mop. 

This is another mop that is used for cleaning cleanrooms because of how sterile these are. There are 5 layers within the mop which increases its absorbing rate. The mop is very durable and can withstand several cleaning hours without tearing or falling apart. The best part is, it provides excellent resistance to chemical or microbial agents. To ensure sterility, these mop pads are double-bagged together. 

Kingmax HC2 Cleanroom Mop.

The HC2 cleanroom mop does not have many designs on the surface. This is a pre-sterilized and low particle shedding mop which provides a lint and streak-free cleaning performance. The mop can be attached very easily on top of any flat mop head and also has a lot of tractability. Since the cloth is very lightweight, you can use it to clean narrow spaces as well. 

Final Words:

All of the cleanroom products from Kingmax are pre-sterilized so you do not have to worry about sterilizing them. you can use these products for cleanroom or for cleaning around the house. As these products provide a lint and streak-free cleaning performance, they can be used to make surfaces smooth and shiny.

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