Made from 100% continuous filament polyester and designed for cleanrooms specifically. Pre-sterilized, high performance microfiber mops with low particle shedding construction. For mopping in aseptic and sterile cleanroom areas from ceilings to walls.

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KINGMAX Cleanroom line is engineered to meet strict contamination control needs of cleanroom areas. 

We are aimed to offer a variety of mop and cloth types to suit virtually any need.

Cleanroom items are knitted from 100% continuous filament polyester to maintain extremely low levels of releasable fibers, which is consistent with requirements for Class 3-5 environments.


  • Exceptional strength, cleanliness and absorbency.
  • Ultra-low particle generation to prevent cleanroom contamination with low levels of particles and extractables.
  • Excellent chemical and microbial resistance.
  • The reinforced piping guarantees the maximum in abrasion resistance.
  • Easily changeable and fits securely over flat mop head.
  • Lot to lot tractability.


  • Pre-sterilized products for aseptic environments.
  • Mop pads are double-bagged together to ensure sterility.
  • We follow independent quality control audits for sterility assurance during the whole process.


  • Ultra-clean, high performance microfiber ideal for cleaning walls, floors and ceilings.
  • Applying and removing cleaning and disinfecting solutions.
  • For mopping in aseptic and sterile cleanroom areas.

KINGMAX - OEM Microfiber Supplier

  • As a professional OEM microfiber supplier, KINGMAX is the top cleaning tool manufacturer in China. We produce the highest-quality microfiber cleaning mops under standard and strict QC in the hygiene automatic production lines. Quick response service, competitive price, superb quality, fast delivery - all we promise to our customers. 
  • KINGMAX also welcome customization inquiry to produce OEM wholesale microfiber pads or cleaning tools for any specific fabric, color, size, logo or trims. 
  • Trust KINGMAX to be your reliable OEM factory. Contact us now for VIP service here.

Healthcare Clean
80% Polyester & 20% Polyamide
42*14cm or as Required