At KINGMAX, we always believe in NO SUSTAINABILITY, NO FUTURE and attempt to work sustainably as best as we can to protect our fragile planet.  

Driven full-swing on eco-friendly advocacy, we have launched a full series of high-performance rPET Recycled Microfiber products with Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certificate. Choose rPET Recycled Microfiber for our sustainable future. 

Here are four main items that we would like to introduce. Read more information about them in our Product Center.

Why are rPET product sustainable? 

All KINGMAX rPET Recycled microfiber products are made from recycled polyester materials such as post-consume beverage bottles that are used to be dumped into ocean or buried in the landfill. Those waste PET bottles, impossible to degrade in natural ecosystem, are not only threatening ocean lives, but also damaging human health. Recycling and re-producing them to be microfiber cleaning tools would be an excellent choice. 

Moreover, recycling PET bottles and making them into microfiber products consumes far less energy than producing virgin PET. This recycling-producing process will totally reduce approximately 31% of water scarcity, 44% of fossil energy, 12% of chemistry and ultimately reduce 26% of CO2 emissions. Therefore, it is a great movement toward a circular economy to reduce resource consumption and carbon footprint. 

Join us on the great Sustainable Journey to heal the world today.

1 KINGMAX r-PET towel, recycled from 1.5 PET beverage bottles

Recycled Microfibers


KINGMAX has been a professional supplier of Microfiber products since 2005. We based in Shanghai, China. Our products range from cloths to mops, covering daily and professional cleaning tools in all applications with OEKO-TEX and GRS certificate. 

Following standard QC procedures, our production lines are capable to guarantee the highest quality and satisfy all of clients’ requirements. Meanwhile, KINGMAX is always digging into the market and sustainably investing R&D, and keep up a high level of output of new concepts and products. 

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