Using microfiber, you can dust bookshelves effectively. It is also easy to preserve the look without causing scratches to sensitive surfaces. Cleaning the bookshelf every one to three months is basic, depending on the size of the bookshelf. Here we bring an entire article on this to let you know how to avoid dust accumulation in the quick and deep-cleaning method.

Choosing Microfiber Cloth at Cleaning a Bookshelf

Microfiber cloth offers several benefits for cleaning a bookshelf. The cloth is designed in a way to trap and remove dust. Microfiber clothes are also:

  • Gentle at cleaning on surfaces (book covers, or wooden shelves).
  • Soft to the touch.
  • Are non-abrasive. It means the microfiber cloths leave surfaces both clean and streak-free.
  • Used for dusting, spot cleaning, and other purposes.
  • durable.
  • Can be reused multiple times.
  • A cost-effective cleaning option.

3 Microfiber Tips for Tidying Up A Bookshelf

Cleaning a bookshelf with microfiber cloths is a task that only requires a few minutes in a day. But there is a strategy behind this quick-cleaning your bookshelf. For instance: 

  • Dust the Tops and Sides of Books: Quick-clean your bookshelf with a microfiber cloth to dust the books’ tops and sides.
  • Deep-Clean to Pick Up Dust from Every Corner: Microfiber clothes can pick up dust from every inch of the corner. You can apply deep cleaning here which involves taking all the books out (if you have time), sorting through the books, dusting the books, and then putting everything back in its place.
  • Damp the Microfiber Cloth: You can easily dust the bookshelf from the top down using the furniture polish. Damp the microfiber cloth to catch dust better and in a quick manner.

3 Essential Products for Cleaning A Bookshelf

Waffle Bubble :The waffle bubble cloth is super absorbent. It is made of polyester and polyamide at an 80:20 ratio. Besides, it is non-abrasive, lint and streak-free.

Plush Terry Towel- Round Corner Washcloth:This cloth absorbs up to 10 times the cloth’s weight in liquid. It is the most absorbent wash towel. The cloth is soft to the touch and ideal use for the household.

All in One Gray: The cloth has a unique twisted loop that sucks up water quickly. The cloth is also designed for a streak-free surface. 


Microfiber cloth is a versatile and recyclable material. It provides bookshelves with mild, non-abrasive cleaning. It is also efficient in trapping and removing dust, making it a cost-effective maintenance tool.

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