Microfiber waffle bubble cloth is a perfect car polishing towel for windows and metalware, also can be used as tea towel or dish towel in kitchen. This waffle car towel is super-absorbent and lint-free cloth, made of 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide. Waffle weave accelerates water absorption speed and also easy to wring out. Non-abrasive and streak-free, the waffle car polishing towel is ideal for car drying and detail cleaning.

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Features of waffle car polishing towel

  • Microfiber waffle car polishing towel is a perfect clean cloth for windows and shiny metal in small areas, owing to its non-abrasive and lint-free features.
  • Waffle weave can accelerate water absorption speed and also easy to wring out. 
  • Size in 40*40cm, easy to carry and air dry quickly. 
  • Durable and last for hundreds of washing.
  • Waffle car polishing towel is best for exterior and interior car drying and detail cleaning .

Waffle cloth makes detail cleaning easy!

  • The waffle cloth (also known as "waffle bubble cloth") is lightweight compared to thick plush or coral fleece cloth, while super absorptive at the same time. 
  • As a car polishing towel, it is perfect to tackle all of your drying, wiping and cleaning on car windows, shiny metal decor and other small areas.
  • The waffle car towel can hold up to 8 times of its weight in liquid, while it is easy to wring out and air dry faster.
  • It is also can be used as tea towel or dish towel in kitchen and dining room.

Waffle structure

  • Designed with a unique honeycomb waffle construction, the waffle car towel is easier to grab the dirt and remove it with ease. The weave is tight enough to withstand frequent washing. Prevent wear and tear during the cleaning process.

Machine Washable

  • The waffle car polishing towel is machine washable and can last for hundreds of adequate laundry.
  • See more details about Washing Instructions here in FAQ.

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  Tables Top| Metal | Plastic | Glass | Any Hard Surface


Made from premium microfiber material

Absorbs 7 times of its weight in liquid
Leave surface lint-free and streak-free

Attract and hold dust and dirt with electrostatic absorption

80% Polyester & 20% Polyamide
40*40cm or As required
Professional Clean
Auto clean