For dusting and wet cleaning purposes, scrubbing mop pads come as an alternative product. Not only are they ideal to use on concrete, stone, tile, marble, and wood, but also they can trap hairs, and dust in an easy wiping method. 

What are Scrubbing Mops?

Scrubbing mops are single-use or disposable mop pads, made of microfiber material. They absorb liquid and remove dirt without any smearing. Although they are being used on a variety of surfaces, these mops are good for dusting as well as wet cleaning. These disposable scrubbing mop pads are polyester or polyester blended products that form a sustainable terry surface to capture liquid and dust both in a quick manner. 

Benefits of Using Microfiber Scrubbing Mops

Microfiber-made scrubbing mops are for single-use purposes only. In every single-use mop pad, there is a consistency of cleaning quality and ensuring maximum cleaning performance in one wipe. Benefits are huge of using these mop pads and here are some of them:

  • Minimizes the cross-contamination and infection risks.

  • Does not require any laundry.

  • There is no negative impact of laundry on the microfiber-based mop pads.

  • Built-in scrubbing strips effectively capture hair on the floor.

  • The mop head is easy to attach and remove.

  • Suitable for dusting and wet cleaning.

  • Preferable to use on any type of surface, including textured ones.

  • Reduces the possible use of chemical cleaning.

  • Requires only water.

  • Removes 99.9% microbes.

The Best 4 Scrubbing Mops for All Types of Functions

Scrubbing disposable mops and mop pads are getting popularity. Hence, they are now in different terms and features. Here are the top 4 scrubbing pads that rule the market with their user-friendly experiences: 

Scrubbing Stiffer Disposable Mop Pad

This ‘stiffer’ scrubbing disposable mop has a built-in scrubbing strip that effectively removes dirt without leaving any smearing. They indeed absorb liquid better on surfaces but it goes the same for dusting as well in terms of deep cleaning.

Scrubbing Disposable Mop Pad

The only difference between being a stiffer mop pad or not is reaching the maximum coverage area. Whatever it is, hair, dirt, dust, and other wet materials, these mops are good for dusting and wet things cleaning through reaching ou the wide sphere of cleaning coverage. 

Absorbent Scrubbing Disposable Mop Pad

This polyester-made mop pad is super absorbent in capturing liquid and dust functioning similarly to a magnet. Two built-in scrubbing strips add scrubbing power to capture hair and dirt. 

Scrubbing Twist Mop

This scrubbing Twist MOp is well-combined with 3 different fiber types that absorb both dirt and microparticles. Also, the PP scrubbing bristles remove dirt, soil, and grit in an effective method. 

Final Words

Deep cleaning, durability, and built-in strips all make a scrubbing mop suitable for all clothing items. No matter what scrubbing mop is there, there should be no compromises in these 3 features' deliverables.

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