Constructed with 80/20 microfiber yarn blend and looped-pile polypropylene scrubbing strips for aggressive abrasive action. An excellent dirt solution mop, also characterized by super water absorption. Pocket type, easily attach to foldable mop frame.

  • SKU: MP5


Features & Benefits

  • This Scrubbing PP Twist Mop is combined with three different fiber types and forms twisted loops and hooks to absorb dirt and micro particles. 
  • PP scrubbing bristles in red will removes dirt, soil and grit effeciently with less effort.
  • Aggressive cleaning without abrasion on the floor surfaces. 
  • Promises to clean faster, easier and without chemicals. 
  • Constructed with a durable pocket backing, which easily attaches to our Microfiber Mop Frame.

   Application area

  • Can be used damp or wet. 
  • For hard surfaces and non-slip floors. Use safely on wood, linoleum, tile, marble and more. 



  Marble | Stone | Wood | Porcelain Stoneware | Metal | Plastic | Glass | Any Hard Surface

  School | Hospital/Nursing Home | Airport | Convention Center | Auditorium  | Mall/Retail Store


Made from super-absorbent 

microfiber material

Reduce bacterial approximately

95% compared to traditional mops

Pick up 75% more dirt and dust

per swipe than traditional mops

Can be laundered over 300 times

25% proven labor savings

80% Polyester & 20% PET Pocket
40*12cm or As required