Why rPET is the new trend? 

Globally, over one million of plastic (PET) bottles are consumed every single minute. Most of them end up buried in the landfill or dumped into ocean, which becomes a huge threat for sea lives and global ecology.

Nowadays, people prefer to buy “SUSTAINABLE” products that are no harm to human health and no threat to the Earth. “RECYCLE” become the new consumption vane, and rPET (recycled PET) products are just in time.

KINGMAX recycled 1.5 PET bottles to create 1 rPET microfiber cloth

rPET microfiber cloth

Using recycled PET bottles consumes far less energy than virgin PET to make microfiber products. According to statistics, the recycling-producing process reduces ——


Co2 Emissions

Water Scarcity 

 Power Energy





Great recycling journey
starts from a waste PET bottle!

Trust comes from traceable rPET production

Certified by Global Recycled Standard (GRS), every production procedure from material to end products is traceable and trustworthy.

Discover What's New

  100% rPET Universal Towel

- 100% rPET recycled polyester
- Super absorbency and durability for 500+ laundry
- Universal cleaning cloth in multiple applications
  100% Recycled rPET Flat Mop

- 80%+ rPET recycled polyester
- Stripe bristles for scrubbing
- Ideal for universal and maintenance mopping
  rPET Kitchenware Clean Set

- rPET recycled microfiber in whole series
- Multi-functional and all-rounder
- Perfect household clean set

Stand for sustainability,
support rPET towel now!

At KINGMAX, we believe in NO SUSTAINABILITY, NO FUTURE and launched a whole series of rPET Recycled Microfiber products from cloths to mops, not only for household cleaning, but also for industrial purposes. We will keep developing more and more great cleaning items. Let's work together for better hygiene and sustainable tomorrow.

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