Being a car enthusiast, you must always be looking for tools that make your car shine like a star! Well, we are here to add one more to your favorites list. 

Sponges are not only good to clean those dirty utensils lying in your kitchen but they can also prove to be excellent when it comes to cleaning cars.

If you are looking for a car sponge that is made specifically to give your car an unrealistic shine without scratching or damaging its paint, look no more as you are exactly at the right place! 

Should you use a sponge for your car?

While usually using a normal sponge is not preferred for cleaning a car, a sponge made using microfiber material can definitely prove to a great choice for your vehicle. 

Why, you may wonder? Here are the benefits a microfiber car sponge has to offer:Microfiber car sponges are able to create more foam than the ordinary ones. 

Can capture dirt and dust easily without requiring much effort.

Excellent absorption lets it hold huge amount of water and soap to drench any vehicle.

Provide soft and scratch less car cleaning and wiping. 

About Kingmax

We know you need to invest in products that are manufactured by a trustworthy company and worry no more as we're here to look after all your needs. Being in this industry for almost two decades, we produce microfiber cleaning products that end up cleaning your car like never before along with guaranteeing scratch and damage free results. 

Our microfiber sponges are no exception and rest assured you’ll get the results you desire. Here are our prominent car sponges that you can get your hands on! 

Microfiber Car Wash Sponge

For wheels and detail auto cleaning, this microfiber car wash sponge is an excellent choice because it is quite thick and provides scratch-less cleaning compared to ordinary ones. 

The bone shape of this sponge makes it highly ergonomic and therefore easy to grip and use even for the beginners. 

Chenille Car Washing Sponge

Manufactured like shape of a bone, this chenille car washing sponge is basically dual functioning including chenille and coral fleece combined. The sponge is made from 100% premium quality microfiber which makes it an excellent choice for your car.

Not only is this sponge easy to grip due to its bone shape but it is also very light in weight making it more ergonomic for the users.

2-in-1 mesh car cleaning sponge

This car cleaning sponge is also dual functioning since it is manufactured with terry cloth on one side and mesh fabric on the other side. Both these materials have tasks to do which include the use of terry cloth for removing dirt and sand while the mesh fabric is used for scrubbing hard stains. 

The design is made thick and super absorbent so that it can easily hold huge amounts of water and soap so that the whole car is drenched efficiently and quickly.

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