The soleplate of the iron you use everyday can get dirty over time. Sometimes, it happens from fabric residue or grime accumulation. Even overheating can cause stains! There are sponges available that come in dual-function and bone shape. This article will shed light on the easy tips to clean electronic irons to get your cleaning material spotless.

Cleaning an Electric Iron with Microfiber Sponges

Microfiber sponges help and benefit an electronic iron cleaning with these features. They are:

  • Soft and non-abrasive cleaning on delicate surfaces like Iron’s plate.
  • Effective in stain removal (the stubborn marks and similar build-up).
  • Absorbent and lint-free sponges.
  • Washable and reusable making the product environment-friendly.
  • Versatile, all because of the material and detergent mixtures.
  • No requirement for additional chemical usage.

7 Cleaning Tips to Get Spotless Electric Iron Using Microfiber Sponges

An electronic iron has the power to make our clothes snazzy, wrinkled, and crease-full. When the electronic iron of your house gives you the vibe of stickiness, dust, and oiliness, you must remember that the equipment needs a thorough clean-up. So, here are the 10 tips to keep in mind before and after cleaning the electronic iron using microfiber products:

  • Use both baking soda and water to clean an iron’s sole plate.
  • Use a newspaper against the iron’s soleplate to keep your hands protected from the heat.
  • Microfiber sponges have the ability to scrub the mass away.
  • Vinegar works like a heaven to remove any sort of gunk.
  • Dish Detergent to wipe away any residue.
  • Toothpaste sometimes works better on the soleplate of the iron.
  • Use dryer sheets after keeping the heat of the iron at a low setting.

3 Best-Selling Products to Clean an Electric Iron

Here are the 3 best-selling products to clean an electronic iron:


Electric iron can have stubborn stains, mineral deposits, and whatnot. Before you start approaching additional cleaning solutions, it is always better to work with microfiber sponges as they work gently on the surface. Using a dry microfiber sponge will help in wiping the plate in a thorough manner. Let us know which product of our suggestion works well with you.

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