Drying your car after giving it a wash is just as important as washing. If you do not dry your car, then marks of tiny droplet circles are going to form on the paint of the car. This will make your vehicle look dirty and take away its shine. At a car professional, they will use fancy products which does the job alright. However, Kingmax has come up with such products which perform their job professionally without investing a hefty amount. 

At Kingmax, you will be able to find various car cleaning products. the best part is that, the products will provide professional cleaning performance at a fraction of the cost. From their website, you will be able to find many of the items. 

Kingmax Car Drying Towel

One of the first drying towels from Kingmax is the waffle bubble car polishing towel. This is a great item for cleaning and polishing metalware and the windows of the car. you can also use this towel to clean around the house if not for your car. since the towel is totally lint free, it will not leave any cotton leftovers behind once you are done cleaning. The towel is made using 20% Polyamide and 80% Polyester. 

Next comes the coral fleece edgeless car polishing cloth. Just from the name, you can understand that the product is meant for polishing the car. this cloth is made from 70% Polyester and 30% Polyamide blend yarn in 450 GSM. Both sides of the towel have coral fleece with ultra-sonic cutting which prevents scratches on the vehicle painting surface. The towel feels soft to touch and has amazing water absorptive performance. 

The warp knitted coral fleece car washing cloth is such a product which can be used while washing the car and for drying the car. This is another towel which feels very soft against the skin. It is satin piped around the edges which ensures that your car gets polished as there are no harsh edges to interrupt with the car’s painting. For drying, this is a perfect towel as it will not take much time for the car to be completely dry. 

Antibacterial waffle towel is a superior microfiber towel and it is famous for its amazing cleaning performance. The name of this waffle towel is antibacterial as it has twchniques such as silver ions embedded in the fibers. This helps to eliminate up to 99.9% bacterial growth. Not only are you going to dry your car after washing it, but you are also going to ensure that no bacteria get left behind. In just a wipe, you will be able to catch dirt or dust and speed up the water absorbing process. 

Lastly comes the super with super PU coating. The coating provides a smooth texture to the towel which ensures that your vehicle gets polished while it is drying. Varipus weaving structures are available such as superpol, waffle, terry,jacquard superpol and so much more. Stains can be easily removed without putting much effort. You can use this towel for your car or for around the house. The best part is that, this towel comes in various shades so you can purchase multiple for various tasks. These are some of the towels which are exceptional as a car drying towel. 

Most of these towels are not specified for only drying cars as you can use them for multiple purposes. However, for your vehicle, you can use them without much thought as they will not ruin the paint job in any way or leave weird stain marks. 

Final Words

Kingmax is one of the brands which has multiple products that are known for providing a professional cleaning performance. The best part about Kingmax products is that, you can use them and they are going to retain their quality even after hundreds of washes. This helps eliminate waste and you do not have to purchase the same product repeatedly.

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