The Stripe Blue Mop is made from 100% microfiber and PET pocket material, which collect dust, dirt, hair and debris effortlessly. Provide extra scrubbing power by the longer-pile blue stripe bristles. The economic srcrubbing mop recommended for janitors and contract cleaning.

  • SKU: MP10


Features & Benefits

  • This Stripe Blue Mop is made from 100% microfiber as face yarn. Tufted and dense mop pad is designed to pick up more dirt than other mops. While it leaves no streak behind.  
  • The thin scrubbing stripes provide aggresive cleaning effect without abrasion. The stiff scrubbing fibers easily reach down to the ground. 
  • Easy to manuever with good sliding properties for slightly rough surfaces, sneak in and out of corners easily.
  • Suit for pockey types of mop frame. 

Who it's for? 

  • High recommended to professional cleaners, contract cleaners and janitors who are searching for an ecomonic while highly functional scrubbing mop. 

Application area

  • The best scrubbing mop for uneven and hard surface floorings such as concrete, stone, marble, hardwood, tile and laminate.



  Marble | Stone | Wood | Porcelain Stoneware | Metal | Plastic | Glass | Any Hard Surface

  School | Hospital/Nursing Home | Airport | Convention Center | Auditorium  | Mall/Retail Store


Made from super-absorbent 

microfiber material

Reduce bacterial approximately

95% compared to traditional mops

Pick up 75% more dirt and dust

per swipe than traditional mops

Can be laundered over 300 times

25% proven labor savings

Microfiber & PET Pocket
51*14.5cm or As required