Foldable Plastic Mop frame especially designed for mops with flaps or pockets. Works with telescoping aluminum handles. Best durability and stability for continued use.

  • SKU: MS3



  • Special shaped mop holder in order to make the insert of the mop easier, especially designed for mops either with flaps or with pocket mops.
  • Each flat mop is 40cm wide and uses a pocket attachment to the frame. The 40cm width is ideal for use across all sites as they are large enough to cover large open areas quickly yet compact enough to be used in tight areas with lots of obstacles such as washrooms.
  • Universal screw that allows the use of any kind of handles. It is equipped with an articulated joint for a 360° performance
  • Combined with a lightweight handle, mop frame and mop pad, the pocket mop system gives easier, effective cleaning with improved ergonomics.
  • We understand your requirements in terms of usage, cleaning performance and budgets.

   Pocket attachment method

  • To install the mop with flaps, just open the clips down two sides and secure the flaps. 
  • Push the yellow button with your foot and place the frame on the pocket mop. Then the frame will close to 180° and the mop will be hanging from the mop holder.

All-rounder pocket mop system

  • The Collapsible Plastic Pocket Mop Kit is the ideal all round solution for most flooring, especially effective on rough unstructured floors.
  • High durability and stability for a long period of service life. 

40-50cm or as Required