This item is made from 83% of recycled polyester and 17% of polyamide. With Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification, we guarantee to use only recycled rPET microfiber in our products.

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Product Details:

This towel is super soft and lightweight, easy to wring out and air dry. Highly absorbent for water and catches liquids, dust and grease quickly. Various colors are available for color coding to avoid cross contamination. Effective, easy and environmental, make cleaning with joy. Make our own contributions to protect depletable resources and global environment from use recycled products.


The KINGMAX Microfiber Basic Economy cloth is a thin terry type cloth. This lint free cloth is madeof split ultra microfibers which give the cloths the ability to clean, absorb liquid and hold dust and dirt. This cloth is constructed of woven 83% polyester / 17% polyamide blend microfiber. (100% Recycled microfiber)The ultra microfiber strands are a mere 0.14 dtex thick (note: high quality microfiber is under 0.5 dtex). The edges of the cloths are sewn with over lock stitching which greatly increases durability. This cloth has been tested and withstands more than 250 machine washes when cared for properly.

100% recycled microfiber
32*32cm or as Required
rPET Recycled Microfiber
rPET Recycled Microfiber