Super Terry Cloth is KINGMAX most popular item, made from premium and super-absorbent microfiber material. Multiple blend yarns available, such as 80% Polyester & 20% Polyamide, 70% Polyester & 30% Polyamide or 100% Polyester. Universal cleaning cloth for versatile applications.

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  • Super Terry cloth is made from AA quality and super-absorbent microfiber materials, which is tested to hold up to 7 times as its weight in water. 
  • While size in 30*30cm or 40*40cm is lightweight enough to easily wring out and air dry quickly. 
  • Universal cleaning cloths, designed to effectively clean all surfaces with numerous applications.
  • KINGMAX high-quality stitching with reinforced edges that prevent twisting or curling, proven to have execellent durability. 
  • Multiple colors for color-coding to prevent cross-contamination.

Super absorbent capacity

  • Super Terry cloth is made from premium microfiber materials. Split microfiber has thousands of microscopic hooks which is no thicker than one hundredth of a human hair. They grab and hold dirt and liquid until the product is laundered. This is the essential cleaning power of microfiber products. 
  • Tested to absorb 7 times of its weight in liquid on average. With 100% Polyester, the absorbency of microfiber terry cloth is even better, absorbing water up to 8-9 times of its weight. 

Versatility - Clean anywhere & anything!

  • Super Terry cloth is a universal cleaning cloths with multiple purposes and applications. 
  • Versatile to apply in every space from daily cleaning to commercial or professional cleaning. 
  • Save time and labor when choose microfiber terry cloth. 

Upgrage cleaning efficacy 

  • Constructed with ultra absorbent blended microfiber fabric, it picks up water and unsightly spills in one quick swipe!
  • Choose microfiber terry cloth, upgrade your cleaning efficacy. 

Machine Washable

  • By KINGMAX premium material and reinforced stitching, Super Terry cloth is ultra durable to hold shape in 500 times of washing.
  • See more details about Washing Instructions here in FAQ.

KINGMAX - OEM Microfiber Supplier

  • As a professional OEM microfiber supplier, KINGMAX is the top towel manufacturer in China. We produce the highest-quality microfiber cleaning towels under standard and strict QC in the hygiene automatic production lines. Quick response service, competitive price, superb quality, fast delivery - all we promise to our customers. 
  • KINGMAX also welcome customization inquiry to produce OEM wholesale towels for any specific fabric, color, size, logo or trims. 
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  Tables Top| Metal | Plastic | Glass | Any Hard Surface


Made from premium microfiber material

Absorbs 7 times of its weight in liquid
Leave surface lint-free and streak-free

Attract and hold dust and dirt with electrostatic absorption

Professional Clean
Daily clean
80% Polyester & 20% Polyamide
40*40cm or as Required