Made of polyester microfiber, this flat mop in cut end is with maximum water absorption. The microfiber yarn is cut end and can reach into corners to easily trap dust, dirt, hair and bacteria. Recommended for universal cleaning and maintenance in schools, retirement homes, health care, gastronomy and hotel industry.

  • SKU: MP17


Features & Benefits

  • Super absorbent - Massive liquid absorption and long-lasting wetting function from the first to the last square meter.
  • Cut and long hair can reach every cornor and clean a wide area of surfaces only with one mop. 
  • Easily traps and removes dust, dirt, hair and most importantly bacteria.
  • This special and high-quality microfiber flat mop stands for an ideal cleaning result.
  • This innovative product was designed for the needs of healthcare applications to increase soil and bacteria pick up and retention while reducing the potential for bacteria growth and contamination after use.

 Application area

  • Can be used in dry, damp or wet condition.
  • Designed to reduce contamination after repeated uses and bacteria growth. 
  • Mainly used in industry, hospitals, retirement homes and public buildings for cleaning and maintenance.



  Marble | Stone | Wood | Porcelain Stoneware | Metal | Plastic | Glass | Any Hard Surface

  School | Hospital/Nursing Home | Airport | Convention Center | Auditorium | Mall/Retail Store


Made from super-absorbent 

microfiber material

Reduce bacterial approximately

95% compared to traditional mops

Pick up 75% more dirt and dust

per swipe than traditional mops

Can be laundered over 300 times

25% proven labor savings

Cotton & Polyester
42*12cm or As required