Made from 100% polyester microfiber and special bound yarns. Offers high moisture capacity to cover more area. Pocket type. Multiple colors or combinations available.

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  • Microfiber yarn: 100% polyester, premium microfibre material.
  • Its high-quality microfiber content guarantees perfect dirt pick-up and excellent water absorption capacity.
  • Made from looped and bound yarn, the flat mop is soft and easy to glide across the floor with its high area performance.
  • A perfect cleaning mop and a long service life owing to stable and premium materials.
  • The very strong backing fabric and pockets ensure optimal hold on any pocket holder.

 Special bound yarns 

  • Made from 100% polyester, the yarn is bound together in a special process to have two or three mixed colors. 
  • These closed loops will eliminate fiber snagging in use and allow more microfiber to contact the cleaning surface.
  • The bound yarn is made up of filaments of different strengths. After washing, the mop has a super-dense surface, incomparable cleaning power and outstanding sliding properties.

Who it's for?

  • Perfect for residential cleaners, commercial cleaners, hospitality, food service, healthcare, restoration services. 
  • Suit for all types of floors such as stone, tiles, porcelain tiles, marble, wood, laminate and much more.

KINGMAX - OEM Microfiber Supplier

  • As a professional OEM microfiber supplier, KINGMAX is the top cleaning tool manufacturer in China. We produce the highest-quality microfiber cleaning mops under standard and strict QC in the hygiene automatic production lines. Quick response service, competitive price, superb quality, fast delivery - all we promise to our customers. 
  • KINGMAX also welcome customization inquiry to produce OEM wholesale microfiber pads or cleaning tools for any specific fabric, color, size, logo or trims. 
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Marble | Stone | Wood | Porcelain stoneware | Metal | Plastic | Glass | Any Hard Surface

School | Hospital/Nursing Home | Airport | Convention Center | Auditorium | Mall/Retail Store


Made from super-absorbent 

microfiber material

Reduce bacterial approximately

95% compared to traditional mops

Pick up 75% more dirt and dust

per swipe than traditional mops

Can be laundered over 300 times

25% proven labor savings

100% Polyester & PP Fringe Pocket
41*12.5cm or as required