The mop has two tanks on the left (eg. Water Tank) and right (eg. Detergent Tank), which enable the use of two cleaning solutions. To change the switch freely, slide the button; left for the water tank spray and right for the detergent tank spray. It is also featuring a double-sided head, with one side made from microfiber cloth with nylon bristle and the other from twisted cloth with scrubbing lines, which is suitable for wet & dry mopping. This double tank dual sided spray mop offers a quick and efficient cleaning solution.

  • SKU: CT9


Smat mop - Dry & Wet 2-in 1

  • Wide cleaning surface
  • 2 in 1 flip head for perfect cleaning and polishing
  • Two built-in detergent containers
  • Total volume capacity up to 400ml

Easy to maneuver

An easy squeeze trigger has been designed to allow you to spray as you go, letting you continue cleaning the floor without having to stop, which is ideal for larger cleaning tasks. You can use it for both wet and dry mopping, providing added versatility all with one mop.

41*11cm or As required
Consumer Microfiber