The Abrasive Band Mop is made from microfiber face yarn and PET pocket in the back. Highly absorbent micro-plush bands to attract and hold up dirts and liquids. Blue & white abrasive bands are power zones for stubborn dirt. Universal flooring mop in cleaning and maintenance.

  • SKU: PM13


A low cost alternative microfiber pad for 40cm pocket mop. Lasts 150 launderings.

For epoxy floors or rough surfaces such as tiles and quarry tiles. The absorbing membrane ensures an increased reach. 

Features & Benefits

  • This Abrasive Band Mop is made from 100% microfiber and soft nylon stripe bristles. Strong backing and pocket fabric is super durable. 
  • Tufted white mop pad absorbs liquid superbly and then applies it evenly to the surface being treated. Also, it picks up more dirt than other mops. 
  • The scrubbing blue & white abrasive bands are power zones as signature and reach down to the ground to remove the stains effectively.
  • Suit for pockey types of mop frame.
  • Can be used dry, damp or wet.  

Application area

  • The best scrubbing mop for uneven and hard surface floorings such as concrete, stone, marble, hardwood, tile and laminate.

  • High recommended to professional cleaners and contract cleaners are searching for a highly functional scrubbing mop. 



  Marble | Stone | Wood | Porcelain Stoneware | Metal | Plastic | Glass | Any Hard Surface

  School | Hospital/Nursing Home | Airport | Convention Center | Auditorium  | Mall/Retail Store


Made from super-absorbent 

microfiber material

Reduce bacterial approximately

95% compared to traditional mops

Pick up 75% more dirt and dust

per swipe than traditional mops

Can be laundered over 300 times

25% proven labor savings

100% polyester with nylon bristles
51*14.5cm or As required