Microfiber glass clothes not only help to wash windows but are also reusable enough to clean windows. This is all because of their high absorbency, and streak-free nature. It is now easy to apply cleaning solution to windows, scrub them, wipe them, and dry them using a microfiber glass cloth. 

Why Does Traditional Cleaning Cloth Cause Streaks?

There is a high possibility that the glass cloth you used to use in cleaning windows has chemical residue. Only because of this feature, the cloth seems always causing streaks. The Chemical residue as well as oils, all require soaking into the cloth to clean the windows up. 

What is the Specialty in Microfiber Glass Cloth? 

Microfiber glass clothes are highly absorbent. Besides this feature, other characteristics make the Microfiber glass cloth distinguished from the traditional one. They are: 

Lint and Streak-free Solution. 

Easy to scrub them for cleaning purposes. 

Soft in nature due to weft-knitted fabric. 

Posing no risk to the windows. 

Easy to wash (machine washable) and take care of. 

Washes detail cleaning in surfaces like glass, mirrors, screens, or any other. 

How to Clean Windows Causing No Streaks Using Microfiber Glass Cloth?

Indeed, a microfiber glass cloth is an ideal product for gentle clean purposes and cleaning paper towels. If your prime concern is to avoid streaking, this section is for you. Check out the following details: 

To have streak free window, start rubbing from multiple directions. 

If streaks are left alone, rinse the window using a microfiber glass cloth soaked in clean water. 

When it comes to cleaning windows using solutions, try to use any branded commercial cleaner or pre-mixed solution (vinegar-based). 

4 Best Microfiber Glass Clothes To Clean Windows in 2023

Microfiber glass clothes are many in numbers, the 4 best glass clothes are: 

Carbon Fiber Glass Cloth: For detail cleaning in windows, mirrors, screens, as well as smooth surfaces. 

Super PU Microfiber Cloth: Lint-free, ultra-absorbent product with special PU coated. 

Recycled Microfiber Weave Glass Cloth: Superior absorbance leaving no streaks after cleaning. 

Bamboo Fiber Glass Cloth: A Premium-level microfiber glass cloth that works super efficiently in cleaning windows. 

Final Words

Finding premium microfiber glass cloth is difficult indeed. There are various ranges of ways to clean windows. Super PU microfiber to microfiber jacquard terry towel, microfiber glass clothes covers up streak-free services by making the procedure of cleaning super efficient. Let us know how KingMax served you throughout your experience of cleaning windows.

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