When you are taking care of a house, there are certain things that you need to maintain. Hygiene is one of the crucial things that is necessary in a household. If your house is dirty or unhygienic then it will lead to several health issues. To take care of hygiene, you need the basic appliances that are efficient at cleaning. Not only that, but you have to learn which product to use for the right task. After all, you cannot use the same cloth in the kitchen which you use to clean around the house. 

For such reasons, cloth color coding is important. If you use various cloths during cleaning then you will have to figure out ways to distinguish between them. So, keeping different colored cloths for each task is going to be beneficial to ensure that you do not mix up while using them. 

In this article, we will guide you more about cloth color coding and where you can find the same cloth in different colors. 

How to Cloth Color Code?

Color coding is easy and does not have to be very complicated. Keeping the colors as basic as possible will make it easy for you to assemble them to their own tasks. 

For example, getting yellow, green, red, blue, white, black, brown, orange, and purple color cloths will ensure that you remember which one does what. Red can be used for toilets, urinals, or hazardous areas while green can be used for desks, sinks, tables, kitchen tops, or water fountains. As for yellow, it can be for polishing or dry dusting and blue cloth fits for mirrors or glass. 

You can already tell that each of the colors is somewhat related to their designated tasks. If you have your own method of remembering then you can also use it. however, for forgetful people, attaching a label with the cloth will be helpful. 

Where To Get Color-Coded Cloths From?

It is hard to get cleaning cloths in different shades as companies usually make them in one or two single colors. Kingmax is an exception as they bring cleaning cloths in different shades. Microfiber cleaning mops or cloths in various colors all are available. They even allow customization of your chosen item in your preferred color. 

You can find microfiber cloths, woven towels, knitting cloths, twisted wet mops, or various types of cleaning cloths in different color ranges. The price of these items is not high-end but the quality is top-notch. You will get a professional cleaning experience while using the appliances. 

Most importantly, Kingmax cleaning products do the job without having to put in much effort. Since the cloths are high-quality it is not necessary to replace them every now and then as they retain quality even after several uses. 

Final Words:

Cloth color coding is not tough and very handy if you can maintain it. only color coding is not helpful, you also have to wash the cloths individually so that the germs do not get distributed. To get color-coded cleaning cloths, go through the Kingmax website and you can order and cloth of your preferred colour.

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