Microfiber waffle weave is a textile product that has undergone special printing and dyeing processes to create a lightly wrinkled, hand-washed design style. Textile products made of waffle fabric have the advantage of being easy to clean without deformation or color fading, and they do not require ironing. The surface of the fabric also has layers of symmetrical classical colors, making the design style unique. Waffle fabric has an elegant appearance and is highly favored by everyone. 

Microfiber waffle weave product has excellent stability in terms of specifications, with a very low shrinkage rate. It is not easily deformed or discolored during cleaning, and it does not require ironing. The product can be used on both sides, as it can be hand-washed or machine-washed, and the pile does not lose its shape. It is also easier to store than typical velvet fabrics, and it does not deform during storage. The surface of the fabric is elegant and can protect the skin.

waffle cloth

The shallow waffle pattern of the waffle fabric occupies a large area of the fabric surface, ensuring that the fabric dries quickly and has stronger water absorption performance. Towels made of waffle fabric are more absorbent than regular towels, with water absorption capacity 7-10 times that of regular towels. Additionally, this material is less likely to shed, and the colors are very durable. 

Microfiber waffle weave allows the towel to stretch in any direction while ensuring that it does not deform over time, thus keeping the towel looking new. 

Microfiber waffle weave towels dry faster than other towels and trap moisture better. Waffle towels are lighter and more breathable than other types of towels, which means they will last longer. Waffle towels are the new best friend if you don't like ultra-plush cotton towels that can stay damp for hours.

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