Any business that stores products like towels, cloth and bed sheets, could benefit from the technology of vacuum sealing. These bulky items take up a lot of space, but because they are soft and made materials like cotton or microfiber, there is a lot of oxygen that can be removed from the packaging, compressing the items without damaging them. Items like these can be reduced to a fraction of their size when vacuum sealed, allowing ease of storage and shipment to reduce total volume. 

Vacuum sealing is a popular method for preserving and storing items. It is the process of removing air from a package or container before it is sealed. This is typically done using a vacuum sealer machine, which suctions the air out of the package or container, creating a tight seal that helps to preserve the contents inside. The absence of air also prevents the growth of bacteria, mold and other microorganisms. Additionally, The water absorption of towels vacuum-packed will significantly increase upon first use. 

So, what does vacuum sealing mean exactly for our customers and partners? Simply put, we can now provide you with the highest pallet count in the market, which reduces your overall freight cost. Ultimately, your freight per bag costs drop and by vacuum packing our bags we reduce: 

● Required Warehouse Space

● Damage Caused by Dust and Humidity

● Ocean Freight Cost 

This new innovation also allows us to stabilize our freight costs which takes the pressure off of future price increases. A true win-win for our customers and partners. 

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