Remote is something that is always around us, still, we forget to clean it even once a year. Being an unpopular cleaning hotspot, the remote still needs your attention to be cleaned up with suitable methods, just like using microfiber clothes.

What makes Microfiber Cloths different to Deep Clean the Remote?

Microfiber cloths come up with some details that no other cleaning item can ensure. For instance:

  • A Proper glossy finish.
  • Lint and Streak-free features.
  • Specially designed that distinguish clothes from the majority.
  • The color fastness rate is top-notch.
  • Super-absorbent and Anti-bacterial
  • Do not scratch surfaces.
  • Inhibit the growth of any bacteria.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Deep Clean the Remote with Microfiber Cloths

Here are short steps that you can follow to clean the remote using microfiber cloths. They are:

Step 01: Take the remote batteries out.

Step 02: Use the toothbrush to brush away the debris from the remote. 

Step 03: Put some rubbing alcohol mixed with water on a microfiber cloth.

Step 04: Now, tap out any excessive moisture.

Step 05: Wipe down the remote.

Step 06: If the stickiness goes away, dry the remote with a microfiber cloth as well. 

Step 07: Grimes inside the buttons of the remote. No worries, use a toothpick to remove them.

Step 08: Put the batteries back, and enjoy your freshly cleaned remote! 

3 Products that Keep Your Remote Germ-Free

Since you know about microfiber cloth and features, you can simply look for products. Here are the 3 products that contribute to the deep cleaning journey of your most used device-Remote. They are:

Shiny Glass Cloth


  • Lint and Streak-free.
  • Makes the cleaning work super efficient.
  • Perfect for any detail clean of surfaces.

RPET Antibacterial Stretch Cloth


  • It contains anti-bacterial properties that inhibit the residue from growing.
  • Eco-friendly to the environment.
  • Can be cleaned without using any harsh detergent.

Nano Superpol Cloth


  • Super absorbent polyester-blend cloth.
  • Well-designed to tackle spills.
  • Does not scratch any surface, and
  • It comes up with silver ion anti-bacterial protection.


It is just a simple and effective way to deep clean your remote using our microfiber clothes given above. Maintaining hygiene and extending the life of the device is also part of your life, living free from germs and dirt. So, your home entertainment tool requires more health and functionality than microfiber cloths can provide.

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