When you are choosing a cloth or towel to clean glass, you have to be extra careful of the material. The fabric of the towel is going to determine how the glass is going to get cleaned. You cannot get something that is going to be harsh and leave scratches, and neither can you choose a towel that is too soft that it cannot get rid of streaks. To help you with the dilemma of choosing the perfect cloth for cleaning glass, keep reading. 

To get any cleaning apparatus, it is a good idea to purchase the item from any well-known brand. Kingmax is one of the brands that has various glass cleaning towels at a reasonable price. All of their cleaning products are known for being durable and provide a professional cleaning experience. 

Now, we will be talking about some of their glass cleaning products. 

Kingmax Shiny Glass Cloth 

Right from the name you can tell that this cloth is used to make glasses bring back their shine. The cloth is made using premium microfiber beads which helps to provide a glossy finishing. As the glass is streak-free and lint-free, no traces will be left behind once cleaning is done. Moreover, the cloth feels super soft to the touch so it is comfortable to hold while cleaning. 

Kingmax Recycled Microfiber Glass Cloth 

The recycled microfiber glass cloth is appropriate to use for cleaning glassware, chinaware, mirrors, and windows. As the cloth is recycled, it is made from traceable PET materials and goes through the towel-producing process. This cloth has super absorbency for liquid so you do not have to go into the cleaning fluid every time. 

Kingmax Jacquard Glass Cloth 

Another recycled microfiber glass cloth that is appropriate for cleaning glassware, chinaware, windows and mirrors. The jacquard glass cloth has a specific pattern all over the cloth which helps in cleaning glasses with minimal efficiency. No streaks or fluff will be left once you are done with your cleaning. The cloth can be used both dry or damp. 

Kingmax Weft Stripe

The weft stripe cloth has a stripe design all over the towel and it is helpful during cleaning. If you are searching for a cloth which will help to remove stubborn stains then this is the one. It is harsh enough to get rid of streaks but also soft enough to not form any new streaks. Once again, the towel is lint-free and streak-free so you can use it however you want. The cloth is very durable and can hold its shape even after several usages. 

Kingmax Superfine Glass Cloth

This is a new glass cleaning item from Kingmax which is also made using microfiber. This cleaning cloth is streak-free and does not have any lint. You can use it for daily cleaning as it is very light and handy. The cloth is designed specifically to clean glass and to remove fingerprints or any sort of stains. 

Final Words:

Kingmax products are very durable and they hold their shape even after several uses. They are also very easy to clean and the quality does not deteriorate over time. You can get their product shipped to any part of the world.

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