Can you remember the last time you clean your computer and mobile devices? Not just a simple wipe down, the proper clean that the devices require? Well, microfiber clothes can wipe away the screens or the surface of your precious devices. But choosing a great microfiber cloth is difficult. 

In this article, we have tried to cover all your queries on how to clean computer and phone screens with microfiber cloth products in a proper manner.

Is Microfiber Cloth Good Enough to Clean the Screen of Digital Devices?

A perfect microfiber cloth does not cost you a penny. Only using simple tricks and boom, you are all ready to use it as a lifetime cleaning supplier. Microfiber cloth is undoubtedly a great product to clean the screen of your digital devices like computers, mobile phones, and laptops. 

There are microfiber clothes that come in a special mini superpod structure to use in different cleaning functions. Also, microfiber clothes tend to be highly absorbent leaving no scratch or lint behind. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Clean Screens of Computer and Mobile with Microfiber Clothes

To get rid of the greasy fingerprints and dusty look of your computer and phone screen, use a microfiber cloth. It can buff away all the existing dirt and debris. 

However, here is the step-by-step guide you can follow in cleaning your device screen properly.

You will require:

Microfiber Cloth.

Screen Protector (if you don’t have one, it is completely okay!)

Soapy water. 

Distilled Water. 

Step-by-Step Guide is here:

Step 01: First, remove your exact screen protector of mobile devices.

Step 02: Dampen the microfiber cloth in soapy water.

Step 03: Start cleaning the mobile screen and computer screen (directly) with a microfiber cloth. 

Step 04: Do not miss out on any corner. Do not use any microfiber cloth twice. Keep 2 microfiber clothes and rotate their uses. 

Best Microfiber Cloth Products to Clean Computer and Phone Screen

Currently, in the market, 2 microfiber cloth supplies stand out among all. These 2 products are:

3M Small Pearl Particle Microfiber Cloth

This microfiber cloth has the structure of a special mini superpod. It comes in great multi-use to clean universal functionalities. 


Highly Absorbent.

Leaves no scratch or lint

Excellent for cleaning delicate surfaces of digital products. 

Easy to take care ofMachine washable. 

Recycle Super Fine Mesh Glass Cloth

KINGMAX introduces to you all the recycled super fine mesh glass cloth that is ideal for cleaning digital screen surfaces of high-tech devices like computers and mobile. 


Soft rPET glass cloth.

Removes stains and fingerprints.

Usuable in dry or dump.

Leaves no streaks and fluff.

Final Words

After the extensive use of your devices, you will need the requirement to wipe their surfaces down. It is always recommended to turn your devices off to wipe down the devices gently with a microfiber cloth. A good microfiber cloth removes fingerprints, smudges, and stubborn spots. Write us about how our suggested microfiber cloth supplies helped you in need.

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