Being made from microfiber material, bleachable fancy woven towels absorb more than 7 times of weight dirt and grease in liquid without leaving any lint or streak. The electrostatic absorption features make the cloth function well in fancy designs.

What are Bleachable Fancy Woven Towels?

Bleachable Fancy Woven Towels are microfiber woven clothes that come with color variations and fancy zigzag patterns to clean any surface. These towels are bleachable as the clothes have built-in chemical resistance to acidic cleaners and bleachings. They ensure maximum cleaning performance all because of their features being highly absorbent and gentle scrubs. 

Benefits of Using Bleachable Fancy Woven Towel

The bleachable fancy woven towel is an anti-chlorine bleach-made jacquard cloth. Also, they are well-made from specially yarn-dyed microfiber that retains color fastness. One thing is that these towels are resistant to chlorine bleaching, consequently, they maintain a color similar to the original. All these features make the bleachable fancy woven towel beneficial. So, the benefits of using them are:


  • Perfect for repeated use, and laundry.

  • Functions great for gentle scrubbing.

  • Both clean and without chemicals are applicable.

  • Machine washable towel.

  • Attracts and holds dust and dirt.

  • Leaves no lint and streak behind on surfaces.

  • Comes in a number of fancy designs-zigzag, stripes

Best 3 Bleachable Fancy Woven Towel in 2023

Around 3 bleachable fancy woven towels are there popular in the market this year. Among them, a bleachable fancy woven towel is the best chemical-resistant product to hold the original color. The other two clothes are microfiber-made and have been discussed in the following:

Bleachable Fancy Woven Towel

This microfiber towel comes with fancy zigzag patterns and chemical resistance to caustic cleaners. As they are highly absorbent, gentle scrubbing features of the towel offer a great cleaning performance.

Bleachable Advanced Microfiber with Color Bar

Bleachable advanced microfiber cloth is nothing but a black-colored terry cloth with bleachable and better chemical resistance to caustic cleaners. Dark colors retain the color for a long time. Besides, the product is soft and highly absorbent in cleaning for multiple surfaces. 

rPET Superwoven Towel

KINGMAX presents rPET super woven towel or microfiber cloth in a fancy and woven zigzag pattern. These are also the best chemical-resistant products for acidic or caustic cleaners. Besides, the high absorbency features the maximum output in cleaning performance. 


Bleachable fancy woven towels or similar bleachable products are super durable even for use for hundreds of laundry. In the most coarse zigzag surface, the gentle scrubbing method functions at its best to clean with or without chemicals. Although bleachable clothes come in a number of fancy designs, it is easier to distinguish them based on their benefits and functionality.

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