When you go to clean the baseboards, you may feel it's so annoying. But cleaning baseboards is very important if you want a net & clean house.

You may agree that cleaning the floor is easier than cleaning the baseboards. Because sometimes you need to work to clean the baseboards against gravity. So you need to know some special techniques how to clean baseboards easily.

And you are in the right place. After reading the content, you will know the most effective baseboard cleaning processes. Moreover, we will provide you homeremedies that you can use to clean the baseboards.

Equipment & Chemicals

1. Broom

2.Chenille Mitt.

3. Handle (wooden or steel).

4. Soap or any other cleaning solution.

5. Warm water.6. Microfiber cloth.

Cleaning Procedure

The procedure may vary according to the materials of the baseboards. Here, we will discuss a cleaning method which you can apply for most types of baseboards. This cleaning procedure has three steps. 

Step 1: Removing Dust & Spider Webs

You need to remove excess dust & spider webs from the baseboard by using a broom. 

Step 2: Dry Cleaning

In the second step, you can do a dry cleaning by using the Chenille Mitt which is a special equipment for baseboard cleaning. You need to set it with a stand. Then you can easily grab it and clean the baseboards properly. 

Step 3: Wet Cleaning

After a dry cleaning, you can apply wet cleaning to remove stains from the baseboards. Here, you only need soap or any other cleaning solution. Mix it with warm water in a bowl.Then, put the Chenille Mitt into the bowl, squeeze it. 

Then, apply it on the baseboards for cleaning. It absorbs water very fast. Also, scientist specially design it for washing.You can also use a microfiber cloth to dry the baseboards. 

Special Home Remedy

If you do not have any specific equipment or chemicals for cleaning the baseboards, do not worry. We are here to tell you about some extraordinary systems to clean the baseboards. 

You can use a sock in replacement of Chenille Mitt. Though the socks aren't as effective as the Chenille Mitt, you can use the socks in an emergency.Vinegar is a common ingredient in our kitchen. You can use vinegar & warm water to make a solution that solution is a perfect cleaning solution.You can mix a few drops of oil with a dishwasher, it will help to remove stains from wooden baseboards. 


After reading this article, how to clean baseboards will not confuse you anymore. Now, you know the easiest way to clean the baseboards. And we hope our home remedies will save you in emergencies.

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