Taking care of silver accessories that get tarnished easily is one of the toughest jobs on your to-do list, don’t you? Exactly for this reason, super microfiber glass cloth that works both as the polisher and improved weaving structure comes to the rescue. This article is specially focused on microfiber clothes’ applications in cleaning silver.

How Does Microfiber Cloth Clean Silver?

In order to get back to the silver shiny accessories, there is no alternative to polishing with a microfiber cloth. It is possible to design silver clothes with extremely soft glass polishing cloth that leaves no link behind.There are several reasons why microfiber cloth cleans silver. For instance:

  • Highly absorbent
  • Dries Quickly.
  • Leaves no link or streak behind.
  • Improves the polishing effect.
  • Great cleaning tools for crystal ornament.

Step-by-Step Guide to Clean Silver with Microfiber Cloth

Here is the step-by-step process of cleaning with a silver-cleaning microfiber cloth. Silver-cleaning microfiber clothes have an in-built impregnated compound to stop the silver accessories from oxidizing. 

Step 01: Take the Microfiber cloth and rub it over your silver back and forward.

Step 02: After doing for a while the Step 01 procedure, the silver will lose the tarnish. You will again witness the republish metal thing. 

Step 03: Avoid rubbing too hard. Only the back and forward motion will be applicable.

Best Microfiber Clean Products to Clean Silver

Microfiber clothes leave a scratch-free and streak-free appearance. Here are the 3 best microfiber cleaning clothes that help to clean silver in the market. They are:

Silk Polishing Cloth

This product is specially designed to clean silver jewelry and other accessories that often face stains, dust, and fingerprints. 


Diamond Glass Polishing Cloth

This OEKO-TEX standard glass polishing cloth is also applicable for cleaning silver as it improves the polishing effect with a gentle touch.


Recycled PET Diamond Glass Polishing Cloth

For the glossy surface cleaning approach, there is no other alternative to diamond glass polishing cloth. It can wipe the surface easily.

Final Words

The super microfiber cleaning cloth that helps in cleaning silver is a well-made product for auto-polishing and soft-touching water absorbency. Besides, these microfiber clothes are a great addition to polishing nonporous surfaces when it comes to cleaning crystal accessories and silver ones. The mentioned 3 best products are market-standard at this moment. So, polish your favorite accessories before it gets too oxidized!

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