Polishing your car after washing it has to be one of the most satisfying tasks ever. The way the paint shines once the car dries up makes you feel accomplished and gives a sense of satisfaction. Without having the appropriate and quality materials, it is not possible to achieve a complete polishing job. You do not require any fancy products as polishing your car is very easy if you can get your hands on the best cloth on the market. 

Getting a good quality cloth to polish your car should not be a tough job if you are aware of the companies that sell those. Kingmax is one of the brands that cater to various types of cloths for several purposes. You do not have to search for them from different places if you know can get them from Kingmax. 

Kingmax has various types of cloths for different purposes of your car. even though they are manufactured for your vehicle, you can use them for several purposes around the house. 

Kingmax Car polishing Cloth

Coral Fleece Car Towel: 

The microfiber car polishing cloth is the first product which comes in the list as it does an excellent job. It is made using premium 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide blend yarn in 560 GSM. This towel is double-sided coral fleece and has satin piped edges which saves the car from unwanted scratches. As you can already tell that the towel feels very soft against the skin, it can also withhold good amount of water. for car detailing and auto polishing, this towel is the perfect one. 

Coral fleece: 

Coral fleece edgeless car polishing cloth is another item that comes to the list when the topic is about car polishing. This cloth is made using premium 70% Polyester and 30% Polyamide blend yarn in 450 GSM. The double-sided coral fleece comes with ultra-sonic cutting which prevents scratches on the painting surface. You do not have to worry about lint as this towel provides a streak-free appearance to your vehicle. For heavy duty auto cleaning jobs, this cloth is a perfect one. 

The waffle bubble car polishing towel is one of the towels which is a famous one. this cloth is perfect for polishing car windows and metalware. Some people also like to use this towel as a tea towel or dish towel in the kitchen. It is a lint-free cloth which is made using 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide. The towel can withhold large quantities of water so you do not have to go back into the soap mixture over and over again. Because of the waffle pattern, the towel is streak-free and non-abrasive and it is great for detail cleaning. 

Now comes the coral fleece polishing cloth which is a microfiber coral fleece towel for polishing and drying the surface of your vehicle. Either side of the towel has different shades even though both does the same job. It is ultra-absorbent for water, soap or dust. It is perfect for drying, polishing and washing your car. the piping edges ensure that the fabric does not disrupt the painting of the car. most importantly, these towels have amazing quality and they last for several washes. 

Final Words

Kingmax is one of the brands which is known for serving amazing products. the quality of their product is top-notch while the pricing is reasonable. You will be amazed when you use their product as it delivers professional cleaning experience. If you are not satisfied with the experience, then you can always ask for assistance from their website. It does not matter where you live as they deliver all over the world. their products are multi purpose so you do not have to purchase various items for different purposes. The products last a long time and they will be efficient even after rough uses. Without a doubt, you will be able to recommend these items to a friend or relative after experiencing on your own.

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