A clean house is preferable for all of us. We try to make our floor, furniture, and ceiling net & clean. But sometimes we fail to clean small things in our house like air vents. 

Cleaning air vents is very important. Because if the air vents become dusty, we will not get proper air. Moreover, germs will grow within the air vents that can spread various germs and can be a vital cause of allergy. 

So cleaning the vents of your house is very crucial. So from this article, you will get proper instructions on how to clean the air vents with special tips & tricks. So, we request you to stay connected with us. 

Why Cleaning the Vents is Important?

You need to keep the air vents of your house clean always. The causes include:Dust can hamper your air conditioner. You may need a lot of money to repair it. 

If you keep it always clean, it will stay active for a long time. Also, it doesn't need any repairing.

The dust in air vents pollutes the air that can cause allergy problems, and lung cancer.To get fresh and cool air, you should clean the air vents.


  1. Screwdriver
  2. Vacuum 
  3. Cleaning brush
  4. rPET Antibacterial Stretch Cloth
  5. Soap
  6. Water

Cleaning Procedure

First, switch off the HVAC system. 

Then, using the screwdriver, you need to unscrew the cover of the air vents.

Thirdly, by using a cleaning brush, try to clean every portion of the vent cover and air vents.

After using the brush, you can clean the vents with rPET Antibacterial Stretch Cloth. It will protect you from bacteria.

Lastly, by using a vacuum, you can clean all invisible dust also.

If required, you can clean the cover of the vents with water & soap. It's optional.

After completing the cleaning process, set the vents cover by adjusting the screws properly. 

It is the total cleaning procedure of air vents. You can easily clean the vents by using our procedure. 

How Often Should You Clean the Air Vents?

According to our recommendation, every 3 to 4 months, you should clean the air vents. Besides, you need to change the air filter every month. It will assist you to get fresh air. 

Furthermore, you should replace the vents cover twice a year. It will enable you to be protected from fungal or bacterial attacks from the air vents. So you will not have any risk of dust allergy or lung cancer from the dust. 


We hope this article on how to clean vents will help your practical experience of cleaning vents. Besides, you properly understand why and how often you need to clean the vents. Hence, apply it in your daily life & always get fresh and pollution-free air.

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