Winter is just around the corner and it is the right time to light up your fireplaces. Since the season will stay for a few months, it is obvious heavy-duty fireplaces require frequent cleaning. In that case, microfiber clothes come up to help your fireplace clean in a relaxed mode with the definite best products available in the market. 

What is it like to clean a Fireplace with Microfiber Clothes?

Microfiber clothes while cleaning the fireplace, contain all the anti-bacterial properties and inhibit the growth of 1% of the residue. After treating it with anti-bacterial, it becomes easier to clean the fireplace without using any harsh detergent or chemicals. It is undoubtedly a wise decision to choose eco-friendly products over any anti-bacterial cleaning cloth. Besides, some of the microfiber clothes are GRS certified whereas some microfiber clothes qualify for all the features of being the high absorbent anti-bacterial fireplace cleaning cloth.

Are Microfiber Clothes Good for Cleaning A Fireplace?

Microfiber clothes come with a number of benefits. For instance:

  • Super absorbency
  • Recycled form of cloth
  • Perfect to clean on all surfaces.
  • Absorbs dirt, dust, and moisture.
  • Wipes easily across any surface.
  • Reduces strain.
  • Catches liquids, grease, and dust.

If your supply-microfiber cloth is ready, it is time to follow a step-by-step procedure to clean a fireplace.Step 

1: Make sure you turn off your gas supply.Step 

2: Take off the tempered glass coveringStep 

3: Start Cleaning! Keeping a glass fireplace cleaner would be fine as well.

3 Best Products for Cleaning A Fireplace

RPET Anti-Bacterial Stretch Cloth

This KINGMAX brand product is certified with the system of GRS. As a result, all the products are rPET followed, super absorbent, and anti-bacterial in case of cleaning cloth.

RPET Microfiber Terry Cloth

RPET microfiber terry cloth is a product of both recycled polyester and polyamide that keeps the cloth soft and absorbent.

Weave Glass Cloth

Glass is a part of the fireplace and having a recycled microfiber glass cloth will help you in cleaning with proper direction. The GRS certification increases the quality of weave glass cloth for the super absorbency level. 


With microfiber clothes, it is possible to clean different corners of a fireplace. For instance, wiping down the entire interior of the fireplace, or polishing down all the metal or glass pieces that are fireplace accessories. It is expected that the mentioned 3 products of microfiber clothes will keep you trouble away during the season of fireplace cleaning.

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