When it comes to cleaning your computer accessories, the keyboard including, choosing the right cleaning supplies is a must. Microfiber clothes are specially designed in a way so that it does not damage the keyboard buttons. Rather, these clothes do an amazing job in terms of cleaning delicate areas.

Microfiber Clothes that Clean Keyboards

Microfiber clothes that clean keyboards come in a variety of names. For instance: Microfiber glass cloth, waffle PU cloth, microfiber mesh cloth, etc. All these clothes have the following features that make them perfect for cleaning the keyboard. The features are:

  • Super absorbency.

  • Lint-free and streak-free.

  • Can be used as a damp cloth.

  • Light to carry.

  • Easy to remove stains as well as residues.

4 Steps to clean Keyboards using Microfiber Clothes

In this part, you will be getting the information on which areas microfiber clothes can be used. For instance:

Step 01: Use microfiber Clothes to clean around keyboard keys and crevices.

Step 02: Soak your cloth in water and dry it to clean again. 

Step 03: If the stubborn marks still remain, clean those marks again with microfiber clothes. This time, with isopropyl alcohol.

Step 04: Let the keyboard dry using the microfiber cloth. 

3 Market Standard Products to Clean Keyboard

Here are the 3 products: Microfiber clothes that are a great choice for cleaning Electronic devices: keyboards. For instance:

Product 01:Recycled Microfiber Glass Cloth

Although this cloth comes with super absorbance for liquid, all that matters is that it is excellent for cleaning glassware. The keyboard is partly different but can be cleaned by using this cloth. 

Product 02: RPET Microfiber Glass Cloth

This cloth is premium microfiber material made that holds dust using electrostatic absorption features. 

Product 03: MicroPU Waffle

To clean seamlessly, there is no other alternative to using this ‘easy to carry’ microfiber cloth. Besides, these clothes are durable enough to retain the actual shape. 


Microfiber clothes are always a good choice to clean electronic devices. Keyboards are not an exception. Rather, they work well on keyboard cleaning as clothes remain to be soft, and lint-free enough to pick up and remove dust, dirt, and even smudges. Besides, they hardly leave any lint or scratch. All you need is to be aware of using any liquid near electronic devices except for water. Damp clothes are okay, but the dripping wet microfiber clothes!

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