After a car wash or detailing, there's nothing worse than finding water spots, streaks, and scratches on your vehicle. It's smart to invest in the finest microfiber car polishing cloths. 

Microfiber car polishing cloths are very simple in design. They are meant to clean up and dry off messes. But that doesn't necessarily mean all microfiber car polishing cloths will be the same. Before you buy, here are some things to keep in mind: 


You can choose the size of the microfiber car polishing cloth that you buy, but it should be appropriate for your intended purpose. A smaller towel might be better if you want to reach all corners and crevices. You can choose a larger towel or an extra-large towel to dry your car quickly. It is important to note that the bigger the towel, the more difficult it will be to use. 

Different types of microfiber

Microfiber is 100 times finer that a single human hair. However, not all microfiber car polishing cloths will have the same fibers. Microfiber car polishing cloths can be used on different cars. Here is a list with common types of microfiber car polishing cloths that you might encounter. 

  • General Use: The towel measures 80/20 and 220 GSM. This towel is best for general cleaning.
  • Safe: The towel is 75/25 and 36.0 GSM. They are great for polishing, buffing and applying wax.
  • Delicate: This towel measures 75/25 and 600.0 GSM. This towel is best for delicate surfaces.
  • Safer: This towel has a 75/25 rating and a 400.0 GSM. These washcloths can be used on all surfaces.
  • Safest: The towel is 70/30 and 600.0 GSM. These multi-purpose towels can be used on any surface and are great for car care.
  • Glass: This towel has a 80/20 weave and a 350.0 GSM. This towel is best for drying and cleaning glass. 

Towel edges


Although it may seem like a minor point, microfiber car polishing cloths can etch your car's paint. Although they are often overlooked, the towel edges can cause the most damage. Although the towel may be made of soft microfiber, its edges may not. We recommend either an edgeless or rolled towel. These towels won't scratch your car's exterior because of their soft edges. 

We recommend that you have edges if you are going to use a towel. These towels can be made from silk or microfiber and won't cause scratches.

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