A fridge is one of the essential kitchen appliances that keep our food and beverages fresh. However, our fridge gets dirty over time and daily use. A dirty fridge not only encourages the growth of bacteria but also increases energy consumption and reduces fridge lifespan.

You need to clean your fridge routinely to maintain it in excellent shape and keep bad odors at bay. At Kingmax, we offer different kitchen cleaning tools to help you easily clean your fridge. So, let's take a look at How to clear the fridge with Kingmax cleaning products.

Our Cleaning Products to Clean Your Fridge

Scrubbing Cloth 

With a surface-scrubbing action, this woven cleaning cloth excels at removing stubborn oil and stains.

Scrubbing Sponge 

One side of the fabric can be gently scrubbed to get rid of tough stains, while the other can be typical terry cloth to remove light dirt.      

Microfiber Cloth

Its slightly gritty texture makes it ideal for scrubbing away tough stains or residues.

How to properly clean the fridge with our products

Cleaning your fridge routinely is really essential to ensure the best ever space to store your foods and keep them fresh. Now, I'm going to discuss the step-by-step procedure to clean your fridge easily. So, let's get started:

Step-01: Unplug Your Fridge from Electric Socket

To clean your fridge, first, you should unplug the fridge from the electric socket. It is an essential step since it ensures safety, avoids electrical accidents, as well as allows the appliance's components to cool down, making the process more effective.

Step-02: Empty Your Fridge

After unplugging the Fridge, now it is time to empty your fridge means you have to remove all the foods and beverages from your fridge. It will let you access all the parts of your refrigerator easily, as well as keep the food safe from any cleaning agent.

Step-03: Remove shelves, and drawers and Clean Them

Now, remove all the shelves and drawers that can be removed. This will help you clean the shelves and drawers easily. This is because shelves and drawers have a lot of tricky edges that are relatively hard to clean. Removing them lets you easily reach those hard-to-reach edges and clean them easily.

Clean the drawers and shelves using hot water and mild dish soap. Let the glass parts warm to room temperature before putting them into hot water; otherwise, it could crack. Damp them into normal water for a little while to soften food spills before cleaning them up. After then, wipe the glass parts using a microfiber cloth and let all the parts dry thoroughly.

Step-04: Clean the Insider of Your Fridge

To fully clean your refrigerator, get a bucket, some warm, soapy water, as well as your preferred kind of sponge. Our Scrubbing Sponge, Scrubbing Cloth and Microfiber cloth are the best tools for cleaning your refrigerator's inside and getting rid of debris that has been collected.

Rub the scrubbing cloth into the soapy water and then wipe the inside to remove dirt and other particles. If you get any hard-to-remove grime or stuck-on stains then you should use a scrubbing sponge instead of a scrubbing cloth to remove them. You can also use a toothbrush that can help you get into narrow spaces and scour away filth.

After thoroughly wiping the inside of your fridge, now you have to rinse the inside with clean water to remove soapy water. Rinse the fridge inside with clean water and wipe with a dry Microfiber cloth to eliminate the remaining water.

Step-05: Reinstall the Shelves and Drawer and Return Content

After drying the shelves and drawer, install them inside the bridge. Restock the fridge with all of the foods and beverages in their proper locations that you removed at the beginning. After then, install the plug to the electric socket.

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