Burning a utensil around the house is an easy task even if you are an experienced cook. Mishaps are very easy to take place which can ultimately lead to a burnt pot. If you have ever burnt a pot then the first thought would be that it is irreversible. However, that is not the case. There are a few different ways to clean a burnt pot so that you can continue using it without any issues. 

For cleaning a burnt utensil, you need to have the required items to ensure that the cleaning process goes smoothly. To help you in that matter, Kingmax has some scrubbing clothes that are useful for taking out hard stains. Even though you can use various products to help you during scrubbing, if the item is designed specifically for scrubbing then it is going to make your life easier. 

In this article, we will talk about some of the top scrubbing items from Kingmax. 

Kingmax Coral Fleece Scrubbing Cloth.

The coral fleece scrubbing cloth has very soft coral fleece on both sides of the towel. Only on one side of the cloth there are special scrubbing nylon fibers which are excellent at taking off very stubborn stains. The coral fleece has long hair which is great for absorbing water, soap, and dust while nylon fibers provide a gentle and soft scrubbing function. Combining the powers of both sides gives you an amazing cleaning performance. 

Kingmax Woven Scrubbing Cloth.

This cloth is made using microfiber yarn which ensures that each and every speck of dust can be removed from the surface. Once again, one side of the cloth consists of a special scrubbing texture which is used for removing grease and stains very easily. You do not have to use chemicals for a strong cleaning performance. For the bathroom or kitchen, this is an ideal item to clean any dirty spots. 

Kingmax Scrubbing Stiffer Disposable Mop.

The stiffer disposable mop pad is made using microfiber material which gives it the ability to absorb liquid very quickly. Taking off burnt stains using the mop is going to make the task easier. The mop has a wide scrubbing strip built in at the side to remove dirt very easily and without smearing. You can use this on various surfaces and is good for wet cleaning or dusting. 

Kingmax Kitchen Scrubbing Cloth.

Just from the name you can assume that this cloth is designed specifically for the kitchen. It is designed using scrubbing nylon fiber on one side and terry fiber on the other. This cloth is very effective in removing hard stains with ease and the surface will be left with a smooth polish afterwards. For taking off burnt stains, this cloth is a great item as you do not have to exert much effort while cleaning. Final Words:<br>Kingmax has some of the best products in the market if you are searching for cleaning or dusting materials. For the affordable price point, you will get professional cleaning experience without having to put in much effort. The best part is, they ship all over the world.

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