What are the Features of KINGMAX rPET Superwoven Towel? 

With the advanced technology, the microfiber of rPET Superwoven Towel is split without dyeing process, therefore the color fastness is great. We made it with rPET recycled materials which come from the post-consumer PET bottles in a sustainable way. The pretty zigzag is not just for good looking, but also for better cleaning effect on both smooth and textured surfaces.

If you are looking for a real all-purpose microfiber cloth, come with me! 

1. Durable & Versatile 

Designed to last over 500 times of laundry and keep soft touching through repeated uses.
Universal cloth for lint-free & streak-free cleaning, use in damp, wet & dry.

2. Antibacterial 

Remove 99% of bacterial in damp cleaning, eliminate 99% of damaging microbial and bacterial growth, control the odour. 

3. Sustainable 

Leading the trend of future cleaning, KINGMAX Great Superwoven Towel is made from recycled rPET materials, including fabric, sewing stitches and label.

Join us to improve the hygiene in an eco-friendly way! 

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