Banister is the most crucial point in staircases and hallways. A clean banister does not only enhance the overall appearance of the home you own but also regular cleaning of the banister helps to promote a healthier living environment. This is why, we bring the microfiber cleaning solution in this article to help you fight against the spread of germs and allergens on banister.

Microfiber Used At Cleaning Banister

Banisters are good at absorbing odors from cooking or pets. It can also have grease, oils, and other substances. Microfiber clothes have the following features that help to clean the banister:

  • Exceptional absorbency: The cloth can absorb liquids, dirt, and dust.
  • Lint-free Surface: The cloth hardly leaves behind fibers and lint on the banister surface.
  • Versatile Method of Use: The cloth can be used in both dry and dampened forms.

4 Steps to Clean Banister with Microfiber Cloth

Here are 4 steps with requirements to clean the banister with a microfiber cloth.Requirements:

  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Olive Oil or white vinegar
  • A soft-bristled brush

Step 1: Select a clean microfiber cloth. Before using it, remove all loose dust, and debris from the surface of a banister. You can use a brush to gently sweep away the build-up of dust.

Step 2: After using the brush, you can just wipe away the banister with a microfiber cloth from the top to the other side of the banister. If your banister has any decorative element or artwork, you just clean deeper with a brush.

Step 3: If you think there is a grease, you can use olive oil and distilled white vinegar at the ratio of 1 cup: 2 teaspoons in the mixture. Damp the microfiber cloth and keep it moistened. Now, wipe the banister for a shiny finish.

Step 4: Air dries the banister. Or you can dry the banister with a microfiber cloth too.

3 KINGMAX Products for Banister Cleaning


While choosing our KINGMAX product for banister cleaning, you will realize one thing that is, good absorption quality. Microfiber towels must be good at absorbing water to trap dirt, dust, and grime. The high absorbency also allows the towel to hold particles and keeps the surface as clean as possible. Let us know which product favored you the most at banister cleaning.

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