Spray Mop is a great invention of modern science that makes cleaning floors effortless and quick. As it is a technology-based product, there is an appropriate method of use. 

Otherwise, your mop can't work well. It can be damaged very soon. So, here we come to tell you how to use a spray mop properly. 

We will try to show you the exact procedure for using a spray mop with some professional advice. So, keep reading to learn details about using spray mops. 

How to Use Spray Mop

Our experts divide the procedure into 6 parts to deliver a catchy and simple method that you can easily figure out. Let me describe each of them. 

Part 1: Selecting a Right Spray Mop

This point is very crucial because if you can choose a good quality spray mop, it will last for a long time, furthermore it will make your work easy. 

Features for Choosing the Right One

· Lightweight 

· Deep cleaner

· Long-lasting 

· Double tank spray mop will be preferable

· Easily switching trigger 

We recommend you Double Tank Dual Sided Spray Mop. All of these excellent features are present in this spray mop. 

Part 2: Settings the Spray Mop

After buying the spray mop, it will come to you with separate parts in a box. You need to set this mop. So, the settings steps of spray are flowing;

1. The first step is to insert the lower handles into the footplate.

2. Then, insert the top handle into the bottom handle carefully. 

Part 3: Filling the Tank

After setting the spray mop, you have to fill the tank with water or a cleaning solution. If you are using a <u>Double Tank Dual Sided Spray Mop</u>, then you should fill the left tank with water and the right tank with detergent. To fill the tank you should do the flowing;

· Grip the bottle case firmly. 

· Then give a wiggle smoothly.

· Lastly, pull out the mop bottle.

· Then fill it with water or a detergent solution.

· Again, adjust the lower handle of the spray mop. 

Part 4: Attaching the Mop Pad with the spray bottle

The mop pad will clean your floor. Just attach it with the footplate. You can try RPET Microfiber Pocket Mop Pad which can help to get germ-free floors.

Part 5: Applying for Cleaning

It is the main section of using spray mops. So you should do it accurately.

 · Press the trigger to spray into the floor.· Few pumps will be required. 

· Then move with a forward-backward motion with a rhythm.

· Don't over-spray because the floor should be almost dry when you mop.

· Clean your floors like this system with the spray mop. 

Part 6: Wash the Mop Pad & Store Spray Mop properly

Now, use a mop brush to remove fluff stuck into the pad. And wash the mop pad after use. Then dry it properly. 

Besides, store the spray mop upright always. It will help you to use the mop for a long time. 

Bottom Lines

This article gives you an overall idea of how to use spray mops properly. Hopefully, now you can use it appropriately and easily clean your floors.

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