Microfiber cloth is a valuable product for our daily chores as it does the work without extra effort. There are several usages of microfiber cloth, and you do not have to purchase various products to carry out different tasks.

Microfiber cloth manufacturing is a challenging process. Still, several companies have been doing it for the last couple of years.

Kingmax is one of them, and their work is one of the best you can find out there.

Kingmax Microfiber Cloth Manufacturer

Kingmax has been manufacturing microfiber cleaning products since 2005, meaning they have much experience in this field. Their team consists of some of the most hardworking people who strive to create innovative and valuable customer products. They also have earned a reputation for providing excellent and helpful customer service to anyone needing assistance.

Kingmax manufactures various products, such as mops, cleaning cloths, carwash towels, daily towels, sponges, dusters, and so much more. These products can be used for professional cleaning and also for cleaning within the house. If you want to customize any product to meet your daily cleaning requirements, they also have arrangements for those. Lastly, Kingmax can supply products wholesale even if the design is customized.

One of the best things about the microfiber and mops supplied by Kingmax is that these are made using RPET recycling. To give you more insight, RPET recycled microfiber converts used PET bottles to mop pads or cleaning supplies.

This ensures that the supply of plastic bottles in the environment is lowered and turned into a helpful product. Kingmax has committed to bringing more products using this trend as it helps to keep the Earth healthy as possible. The microfiber universal towels are one of the popular products from Kingmax, manufactured using 100% recycled polyester. Even the care label and stitching yarn are made from it so that they can stay true to their name.

Kingmax has mops that are certified by the Global Recycled Standard system. They are also qualified to supply recycled products primarily for cleaning. These mops can also be used for dry and wet use, so you only need one product for some purposes.

About the Kingmax Factory

Kingmax produces safe products which can come in direct contact with the skin. They use advanced technology while manufacturing their products, ensuring that the results come out well.

The microfiber manufacturing facilities of Kingmax consist of a vast factory where most of their work takes place. They are based in Shanghai, China, but their primary market is in the western part of the world. Europe takes up about 30%, North America 25%, and Northern Europe 12% of Kingmax sales. This shows that their products are known worldwide and earns them a badge of being trustworthy.

Final Words

Kingmax products are safe for the environment and reliable since microfiber cloths are handy for everyday tasks. Kingmax is one of China's most significant microfiber cloth and mop manufacturers.

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