Nowadays, Microfibers are widely known as efficient and economic materials for household cleaning items, such as kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, wall corners, and all surfaces of the home. Besides the superior cleaning capacity, microfiber products have updated to various colors and designs and attract more and more customers. Stable cleaning performance and durable features made microfiber surpass cotton products that we used to use frequently.

I. Shine in the Kitchen

As a material with good water absorption, Microfiber will definitely play a magical role in the kitchen where needs a lot of cleaning.

Essential for dish-washing

Using microfiber towels and sponges to clean tableware can remove grease, absorb liquids well and dry the dishes with no streak on the surface, making dish-washing easy and comfortable. Clean only with water is also what we suggest. Microfiber towels with different weave structures is perfect for all kinds of cleaning needs in the kitchen.

Make your kitchen shine

The kitchen faucet has become turbid due to various contaminations such as oil stains and water stains. Using various chemical detergents can achieve the same effect, but after all, they are chemical agents, which are not reassuring. Microfiber wipes are more convenient and safe, and anyone who uses them knows how good they are.

In the drainage basket

Place the microfiber mat under the drainage basket instead of under the tray. It not only looks neat but also enlighten the kitchen by various designs and colors of the microfiber mat. Changing it regularly is also beneficial for keeping the kitchen clean. Personally, I don't like the scale on the tray of the draining basket, so I think this is a good method. Place the microfiber mat under the tray and replace it at regular intervals. It looks refreshing and always feels clean and comfortable.

II. Indispensable in the Bathroom

Apart from the kitchen, there are also many places where microfiber is used. The bathroom is a very important place, especially the water-using area.

A large microfiber cloth

The washbasin is actually the dirtiest place in the bathroom, instead of the toilet as everyone imagines. Regardless of the material of the washbasin, a cloth made of microfiber should be placed next to it, which can play a good role in washing, polishing and drying the washbasin in no time. 

Microfiber mop

Using a mop made of microfiber can clean the smallest dirt in the floor and grab the annoying hair hid in the gaps. Microfiber mops can be used in the entire room, and we highly suggest you can buy three colors, one for the bathroom, one for the kitchen, and one for other areas. That is called color-coding as we learned from professional cleaning. You will find that it is better than any high-tech tool.

In the washing machine

Many families have nightmares about cleaning the washing machine. If the water droplets in the washing machine are not cleaned properly, it is easy to cause problems such as mold. With the water absorption capacity of microfiber wipes, a gentle wipe can instantly make it dry, making it super easy to use.

III. Selection of microfibers

Kitchen and bathroom are not the only two spaces that microfiber cleaning tools can play a role. There are more household items made from microfibers which can take part in the daily cleaning of windows, furniture, appliances and floor. Therefore, series of microfibers products have been developed to solve all kinds of problems that we might meet to maintain the cleaning of household.

Disposable Type

To ensure absolute safety and avoid cross-contamination, there are disposable products made from microfibers, which can be used to wipe pots, dishes, and even food items without worrying about repeat contamination or inadequate cleaning. 

Mop Type

Some mops made from microfibers are essential for cleaning crevices that are difficult to reach. These mops appear to absorb all the small dust particles that are difficult to remove and are available in trendy and chic colors to make dirt less obvious. They are recommended for those who want to clean the nooks and crannies of their homes but do not have the strength to move furniture. 

Glove Type

Microfiber cleaning gloves can be used to clean screen doors, glass windows, and more. Even children can complete these simple cleaning tasks, and the process can be fun, making household chores easier. 

Slipper Type

A pair of microfiber panda slippers is a two-for-one deal: they are cute and visually appealing and even have cleaning effects. They can be used to wipe up water or stains on the kitchen floor and are a must-have for lazy people.

They work quite well too! 

In summary, microfibers can be used in various situations and are also suitable for polishing glass and mirrors. Why not incorporate them into your daily cleaning routine and create a beautiful and clean room wherever you go?

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