Are you so obsessed with cleaning your tile floor that you end up scrubbing it? While keeping the tiles spot free is an essential part of cleaning, scrubbing them too frequently with harsh materials or chemicals can end up damaging them.

Therefore, cleaning tile floors properly without damaging them may require scrubbing but with the use of proper technique, materials, and chemicals. 

If you want to know how to clean tiles without too much scrubbing and which materials to use, look no more as you are exactly at the right place. 

How to clean tile floor without too much scrubbing

Here are a few of the most popular ways to make your tile floor shine without scrubbing them too much:

Go for a DIY method to clean the tiles. You can mix lemon juice and white vinegar in hot water in a spray bottle and spray it over the tile lines. Let this solution sit for few minutes and gently mop it with a wet cloth. 

Add few drops of dish wash in full bucket of hot water and mop the tile floor gently using a real and good quality mop. 

Avoid using sponge or harsh material mops and go for a microfiber cloth. One thing that makes microfiber clothes stand out for cleaning tiles is the fact that it doesn’t absorb much water and is not harsh when used for scrubbing. The charged fibers on microfiber cloth can easily grab dirt and therefore makes it easy to clean the tile floor.

Using the correct cleaning agent is also very important to clean the tile floor without damaging it. You can either go for a product that is especially made for cleaning tiles or make one at your home. 

Make sure if you make a solution of your own it isn’t too weak or too concentrated. You can know this by doing proper research of the products and their quantities to be used. 

About Kingmax

Kingmax has been working efficiently in the microfiber product industry and have come up with some excellent microfiber products to look after all your needs. Since you are looking for products that can clean your tile floor without damaging it, here are our most favorite picks that can end your search! 

Microfiber Loop Wet Mop 

To help you handle your tile cleaning task like a pro, this microfiber loop wet mop comes with excellent features. This mop is made of durable microfiber material and is specially designed as a loop end so that it doesn’t get tangled. Bonus, it is easily washable in machine so that you don’t have to worry about cleaning it. Link to Buy

Microfiber Handwoven cloth 

This microfiber handwoven cloth comes with a special woven structure that is specifically designed to provide your floor with a gentle scrubbing and cleaning experience. Since the cloth comes with a slightly coarse texture, that makes it perfect for the scrubbing job and helps in removing hard stains and residues. What makes it an excellent choice for your tile floor is the fact that it is extremely durable and can easily withstand hundreds of washes without being damaged. Link to Buy

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