Windows are a vital part of our rooms. Moldy windows not only hamper the beauty of your house but also very hazardous to your health. So cleaning moldy windows is very crucial. 

If you are frustrated with finding out how to clean moldy window sills or frames, we are here to tell you a simple but effective procedure with tips and tricks to avoid the problems you may face during this procedure. 

Firstly, we will tell you about an excellent product that you should keep in your house to clean moldy window sills or frames. Then you will get the method for cleaning with tips and tricks. 

Antibacterial Terry

It is a microfiber terry cloth that you need to clean moldy window sills or frames. This antibacterial cloth is embedded with silver ions. So this cloth can kill 99.9% of microbial molds from your window sills or frames. So you should store Antibacterial Terry  in your house to clean moldy windows. 

Procedure of Cleaning

Our experts create the procedure into three easy sections so that you can easily understand it. 

Section 1: Collecting all Required Elements

There are only 6 manageable materials &chemicals that you need to do the task. All of these elements are familiar to us. 

Required Materials &Chemicals

Spray bottle (take 250 ml, it will be easy to handle)

A measuring cup

A mug

Antibacterial Terry- a microfiber cloth

White vinegar or hydrogen peroxide


Section 2: Preparing the cleaning solution

Before beginning the cleaning process, you should prepare the solution of white vinegar &water.

First, take a clean mug.

Then, using a measuring cup, put ⅓ vinegar with ⅔ water into the mug.

You can also apply hydrogen peroxide instead of white vinegar. 

Now fill the solution into the spray bottle. (Do not fill the whole bottle, keep ⅓ portion empty. It will help you to spray smoothly)

Section 3: Conducting the Cleaning Process

It is the main part of the procedure. So we will recommend you strictly follow the steps for the best result.

Remove objects that you have on the window sill carefully. 

Now, remove excess mold from the sills or frames with disposable tissue papers, and throw them into the waste bin. (Do this process with proper ventilation, so open your window. But be careful sports do not spread into your house)

Now, apply the cleaning solution you made to the sills or frames.

Use antimicrobial terry and scrub properly to kill mold and clean the sills or frames. 

If vinegar solution fails to clean your moldy window sills or frames, you can try Borax or ammonia to clean them. Borax is a highly reactive base, also used as a disinfectant. 


We hope you learn the process of how to clean moldy window sills or frames properly. And our provided tips & tricks will help to prevent all the possible trouble that you may face during cleaning moldy window sills or frames. So keep connected, we are here to solve your problem.

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