Using microfiber cloths to clean your cast iron cookware can keep them in great shape. These soft cloths won't damage the unique coating that enhances the cooking performance of the pans. It's a simple method to ensure that your pans perform effectively and last a long time.

Features of Microfiber Clothes to Clean a Cast Iron Cookware

There are microfiber clothes which are made for kitchen use. Usually, they come with the following features. They are:

  1. Gently Scrubbing
  2. High Absorbency
  3. Lint-Free
  4. Non-Abrasive
  5. Cost-effective

Soft microfiber towels don't scratch the special surface of your cast iron pan. They're gentle and won't damage it while cleaning. Moreover, Microfiber Clothes effectively take in water and oil, which helps to remove residue and grime from the cookware's surface. Also, These clothes ensure a residue-free, clean finish by leaving little to no lint behind. Microfiber clothes are long-lasting and cost-effective. Hence, they are perfect for cleaning cast iron cookware. 

5 Easy Steps to Clean a Cast Iron Cookware

Here are the 5 easy steps to clean cast iron cookware. They are:

Step 01:First of all, allow the cast iron cookware to cool down. It is a primary step of cleaning.

Step 02: Now use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe away the cookware in order to clean any existing food particles or excessive oil.

Step 03: Dampen the microfiber cloth with water to wipe away the stubborn residues. Scrub the surface of the cast iron focusing on stuck-on debris.

Step 04:Once you are done with cleaning, use another dry microfiber cloth to dry the cast iron. Because if you do not dry the iron, moisture can increase which may lead to rusting. 

3 Best Products to Clean a Cast Iron Cookware

Here are the 3 products to scrub away cast iron cookware for getting the newest edition:

Coral Fleece Scrubbing Cloth: Nylon Fiber-made cloth that removes tough stains.

Microfiber Dish Cloth: Microfiber cloth with a striped scrubbing side with a superpol side.

Scrubbing Disposable Mop Pad: Super absorbent mop pad that holds up liquid, dust, hair, and debris.


Using microfiber clothes to clean keeps your pan looking great. Its unique cooking-assistance coating won't deteriorate. This extends the life of your pan and produces delicious meals. The given 3 products will work absolutely in cleaning cast iron cookware. Give us a review!

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