Ensuring the entire house is free of dust and dirt is something everyone wants but is hard to achieve because it is rather tough to clean the cracks and cervices easily. It takes a lot of time to get into the nooks and crannies of every tiny space and clean the dirt that has been gathered there. You do not need a special cloth to clean those spaces but it would make the task easier if the cloth you are using is designed specifically for cleaning tight areas. Kingmax is the proud manufacturer of several cleaning appliances that have multiple usages. You can find various items which are designed specifically to carry out their appointed task. For cleaning cracks and cervices, it would help if you could find a cloth that would fit your needs. In this article, we will talk about the Kingmax items that are perfect for cleaning cracks and cervices easily. 

Kingmax Microfiber Glass Cloth.

For cleaning narrow spaces, a microfiber glass cloth is necessary as it helps in attracting dirt and dust which makes the cleaning job easier. The microfiber glass cloth is made using traceable PET recycling and towel producing process so you know purchasing it is not going to harm the environment. This cloth is made for cleaning glassware, chinaware, mirrors and windows and it has a high absorbency for liquid. 

Kingmax RPET Microfiber Terry Cloth.

The microfiber terry cloth comes in various colors which is helpful for preventing cross-contamination between cleaning appliances. A traditional percentage of polyamide is blended in which helps to keep the cloth feeling soft and absorbent. This cloth is also made using recycled polyamide and polyester. Cleaning using this item is going to make the process fun and easier as you do not have to put in extra effort. 

Kingmax Nano Superpol Cloth.

The nano superpol cloth is an anti-bacterial cloth which means that it is naturally resistant to bacterial infestations. It is designed to be used for healthcare environments but can also be used around the house if you have pets or newborn babies. The cloth is made using a blend of 20% polyamide and 80% polyester and is designed for tackling messes quickly and spills. You can use it for cleaning tight spaces as it has ultra-fine microfiber woven in which is great at attracting dirt. 

Kingmax Antibacterial Stretch Cloth.

From the name you can understand that this cloth has some special properties. It is antibacterial treated, meaning it is clean without harsh detergents and chemicals. The cloth is eco-friendly and can kill 99% of various kinds of bacteria and inhibit 1% of residue from growing. The cloth has a weft-knitting structure which enables it to retain moisture more efficiently and in turn, reduces the time of cleaning. 

Kingmax Weave Glass Cloth.

The weave glass cloth has all-over patterns which is good for scrubbing. The patterns help to provide a gentle scrubbing over the surface and leave a shiny, clean area that feels squeaky clean. Since it is made using microfiber, the cloth is great at picking up dust and grime from the tightest spaces in the corners of the house. Final Words:<br>Kingmax products are one of a kind as they offer a professional cleaning experience from a regular price point.

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