Cross-infections in hospitals are actually a very common thing and it might affect you even before you know. It is tough to keep your guard up all the time if you are frequently visiting a hospital because it is easy to catch an infection. 

In hospitals, various patients visit carrying different germs and diseases so you are exposed to a lot of cross-infections. Not only from people but infections can also occur from pieces of equipment. Cross-infections can lead to multiple problems within the body that no one is eager to catch. 

To keep cross-contaminations at a minimum, there are multiple products in the market that are great to use while cleaning. You cannot totally eliminate cross-infections as it is not possible but the most you can do is prevent bacteria or germs from spreading further. Kingmax is one of the brands that bring notable items that are efficient at cleaning and can help prevent cross-infections. 

Now we will discuss some of the products from Kingmax that are helpful at keeping cross-infections at bay. 

Kingmax Absorbent Scrubbing Disposable Pad.

This pad is super absorbent and can hold liquid and allows you to gently release it while cleaning. You do not have to dip the pad in the cleaning agent often as the pad can store a good quantity of liquid. The pad has in-built scrubbing strips which are effective at removing dust, dirt, hair, or any kind of sticky grime.

Kingmax Microfiber Zigzag Mop Pad.

A high-quality microfiber mop that is effective at cleaning every corner of a space. The mop has built-in microbe-removing and scrubbing technology which makes it a perfect fit for hospitals. It is suitable for both dry and wet cleaning and can cover a wide radius of surface. Since the mop is so good at removing dirt, it helps prevent germs from spreading.

Kingmax Single-Use Mop Pad 150GSM.

The single-use mop pad is made using 100% polyester which helps in capturing dust and dirt quickly while you are cleaning. Instead of pushing around dirt, the mop is great at picking it up with minimal effort. In a variety range of spaces, this mop can be used as it helps in maintaining environmental hygiene.

Kingmax Microfiber Nonwoven Pad.

Non-woven pad means a disposable mop pad that can be disposed of after you have used it. The fabric is non-woven which helps to reduce cross-contamination and quat binding. A needle punch material is equipped inside which helps in quat binding. You can use this mop both wet and dry and a wide range of different types of spaces.

Kingmax Scrubbing Stiffer Disposable Mop Pad.

The scrubbing stiffer mop pad is made using microfiber material mostly and it is helpful in absorbing liquid easily. The mop has a wide scrubbing strip built-in which is effective at removing dirt and dust without any smears. This item can be attached or detached to and from the mop head very easily.

Final Words:

The above-mentioned products are some of the notable items from Kingmax which are very good to use around in hospitals as they help prevent cross-infections. Most of these items are specifically made to be used in hospitals. What’s more interesting is that they are very affordable and easy to clean.

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