Keeping glass clean around the house can be a challenge. Knowing how to clean glass is half the skill. Using the correct tools is the other half. With the right stuff in your bucket, you can get your glass streak-free and crystal-clear in no time.

So keep reading to find out the Best Microfiber Cloths to keep your glass, mirror and any shiny surface spotless and sparkling, inside and out.

Cleaning glass is more about the tools than the elbow grease.

SWEEP + BUFF - KINGMAX Superpol PU Cloth

· Premium microfiber window cloth with a special PU coating.
· Easy to sweep around and remove stains.
· NO LINT left on glass.
· Multiple textures and colors available.

Tips: Use a dry and lint-free Superpol PU cloth to spread the water or solution across the glass. Simply buff over the troublesome area to clean everything. 

DRY TO SPOTLESS - KINGMAX Mini Diamond Koi Cloth

KINGMAX Mini Diamond Koi Cloth will never disappoint!
· MINI fish scale microfiber glass cloth.
· Capture water and solutions in a quick wipe.
· Perfect to clean glass and any smooth surface.
· The ultimate detailing towel to get spotless and streak-free results.

Tips: Dry and polish the glass with another lint-free towel from the top down to prevent drips. Like magic, those pesky streaks will disappear before your eyes.

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