Do you dream of a shiny sleek floor that doesn’t have even a bit of dirt left once you are done cleaning? Well, we all are in the same boat. 

Expecting your floor to shine when you clean it and putting in loads of effort is quite normal, however, you usually don’t get that shine for various reasons. One major reason is probably not using the right kind of a material to clean your floor. Twist Mop is one of the finest materials that you can get your hands on and achieve your desired floor shine. 

If you want to know more about twist mops and where to get them from, look no more as we have covered everything necessary under one roof. 

What is a Twist Mop?

Owing to the innovative design that it comes with, a twist mop has a wringing mechanism that makes removing the extra water and dirt from the mop head a breeze of air. Due to this unique design, this mop is considered to be one of the bests for cleaning any kind of floor including wooden floors, marble, tiles, hardwood, etc. 

Few of the benefits of twist mops include:They are incredibly versatile and can easily be used on variety of floors. Wringing mechanism allows you control the amount of water released on the floor.Allows cleaning floors with less usage of water.

The design in quite ergonomic and is light in weight thus easy to use. The twisting feature allows you to reach hard areas and narrow spaces. 

About Kingmax

Being in the industry for more than two decades, we have been producing microfiber products to look after all your cleaning needs. Our microfiber twist mops are no exception as they are made especially to clean your floors like never before. 

Loop Fringed Twisted Wet Mop

This twisted mop from our productions can prove to be one of the best cleaning tools for your hard floors thanks to the features that it comes with.The looped end design of this mop makes it convenient to cover large area for cleaning at one time. Once you are done cleaning you can easily throw this mop in the washing machine to wash it. 

If you are looking for a microfiber twist mop that can clean variety of floors including laminate floor, vinyl floor, hardwood floor, and even tiles, this one is for you. Not only is this pad made for wet mopping but you can also use it for dry mopping when needed.This product is OEKO-TEX certified which means product safety and sustainability in the textile industry is guaranteed. 

Microfiber Twist and Tufted Mop

This twisted mop is made using 100% microfiber and you can expect it to capture even the smallest dirt particles present on your floor.Due to its exceptional cleaning ability, this can be considered one of the best wet mops that you can easily use even for the most delicate surfaces.

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