One of the best cleaning cloths in the market is microfiber fabric, known for having excellent dust attraction abilities. The fine microfiber strands efficiently clean dirty spaces with minimal effort and leave a shiny surface. Microfiber has been around for a long time, but only a few products are as effective as they should be. 

Kingmax has developed various microfiber products that are excellent at doing their job. You can use the microfiber cloth for your car or to clean around the house. Since this cloth is soft and can be folded into a small square, you can take this while traveling. 

Kingmax Microfiber Cloth for Car

For cleaning cars, clothes are an essential part. If the quality of your cleaning cloth is spectacular, you do not need any professionals to help you. The RPET microfiber terry cloth from Kingmax is made using recycled polyamide and Polyester. This towel is very soft and very easy to wring out. The cloth has high absorbent power and can catch dust, liquids, and grease with minimum effort. 

Next is the shiny microfiber stretch cloth, which is a weft-knitted cloth. The cloth is very soft, and it stretches with shiny yarns. Tiny microfibers are efficient at absorbing liquid very quickly. You do not have to worry about these clothes' quality over time. They can withstand hundreds of washing and retain their previous state. As this cloth can stretch, you can use it in the office, household, and for cleaning your car. 

Now comes an exciting product which is the 100% RPET universal towel. This item is unique as it is made using collected plastic products recycled as microfiber. The fabric, care label, and stitching yarn are also made using recycled plastic products. This item can be used while wet and dry and has a high liquid absorbency rate. These products last a long time and will maintain quality even after a hundred washes. 

The super terry cloth is a Kingmax popular as it uses premium and super-absorbent microfiber material. For this product, you will find various blend yarns such as 70% Polyester and 30% Polyamide, 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide or 100% Polyester. This cloth is universal and has versatile applications. The product is tested to absorb seven times its weight on average. The 100% polyester version can absorb up to 8-9 times its weight.

Lastly, the coral fleece edgeless car polishing cloth is another fantastic product. This is made using 70% Polyester and 30% Polyamide blend yarn in 450 GSM. The towel is double-sided coral fleece with ultra-sonic cutting, which prevents any scratching on the vehicle’s painting surface. The towel feels soft and can withhold large amounts of water. You can use this product for car drying and polishing. For heavy-duty auto cleaning jobs, this towel is a great match. 

Final Words

These are only some of the products which are good at doing their job. Kingmax has other excellent items and gets the work done with minimum effort. Most importantly, Kingmax products are recycled and contribute minimal pollution to the earth. The products retain quality even after using them over a hundred times, so you do not have to keep purchasing repeatedly.

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