We answer the same questions and misconceptions about microfibers every day. Most of them are caused by the misinformation that is posted online on different websites. They have to do mainly with product labeling. In an attempt to dispel these myths, we wrote an article explaining the many differences among the microfiber fabric varieties. 

Blend is the ratio between the components of a towel made of microfibers. The majority of microfiber is made from a mixture of polyamide and polyester. Some microfibers are 100% polyester. (There is also high-grade 100% polyester microfiber that performs well in certain applications. Thus the first number is the ratio of polyester and the second is that of polyamide. 

Polyamide is the component that absorbs the fiber while all microfiber products are dominated by polyester. Polyester can easily attract dust, grease, and other dirt, and are not easily shed. All else equal, polyamide is more costly than polyester. Therefore, fabrics that contain more of it will be more expensive. 

A 70/30 fabric will be more absorbent and softer than a 80/20 fabric when made with the same high-quality fabrics on the same knitting or weaving machine. Detailing professionals can easily see micro minor streaks on some 80/20 towels when using high-grade light and soft automotive paint. The same towel made in 70/30 does not leave any marks. 

Many other factors can affect the quality of microfiber fabrics, and many others will impact the performance. It is possible to have huge quality differences (yarn, construction, quality control) and huge performance differences (for a specific task) between fabrics of similar quality (i.e. fabrics for wet mops do not perform well for car drying and fabrics for dry mops don't perform well for car driers). The polyester/polyamide fabric blend is not responsible for most of the quality and performance differences. 

In conclusion, the polyester provides durability, ensuring a long lifespan, while the polyamide enhances absorbency, guaranteeing efficient cleaning every time. This strategic blend results in a cost-effective solution that outshines the competition. Elevate your cleaning routine and maximize value with our 70/30 products – where affordability meets excellence! Choose wisely, choose Kingmax.

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